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Researcher: Srivastava, KP (Miss KM Pratishka Srivastava)

Fields of Research

Environmental Technologies
Environmental Engineering Modelling

Research Objectives

Environmentally Sustainable Mineral Resource Activities
Management of Liquid Waste from Manufacturing Activities (excl. Water)
Preparation and Production of Energy Sources
Fuel Cells (excl. Solid Oxide)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Constructed Wetland Coupled Microbial Fuel Cell Technology: Development and Potential Applications; Microbial Electrochemical Technology: Sustainable Platform for Fuels, Chemicals and Remediation
Denitrification in a low carbon environment of a constructed wetland incorporating a microbial electrolysis cell; Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
Performance assessment of aeration and radial oxygen loss assisted cathodes based integrated constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell systems; Bioresource Technology
Up to 399 mV bioelectricity generated by a rice paddy-planted microbial fuel cell assisted with a blue-green algal cathode; Environmental Chemistry Letters

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision