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Researcher: Ara, I (Dr Iffat Ara)

Fields of Research

Agricultural Spatial Analysis and Modelling
Sustainable Agricultural Development
Agricultural Systems Analysis and Modelling
Environmental Science and Management
Geospatial Information Systems
Environmental Impact Assessment
Agricultural Land Management
Agricultural Land Planning

Research Objectives

Environmentally Sustainable Information and Communication Services
Climate and Climate Change
Sustainability Indicators
Environmental Management Systems
Ecosystem Assessment and Management at Regional or Larger Scales
Winter Grains and Oilseeds
Expanding Knowledge in the Earth Sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A spatial analysis of food security in Bangladesh, based on climate change, management practices and socio-economic variables
Developing baseline information for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) using images from Google Earth and Indian Remote Sensing (IRS): a case from Jamuna Floodplain; Bangladesh Journal of Environmental Research
Food security, agricultural diversification and the Monga in Northern Bangladesh; Jahangirnagar Review, Part B: Social Science
Impact of climate change on agriculture: an investigation of vulnerability and adaptation of the coastal areas of Bangladesh; Journal of Environmental Science & Natural Resources
Labour force structure in Bangladesh: 1974-2000; Journal of the Bangladesh National Geographical Association
Meteorological drought index mapping in Bangladesh using Standardized Precipitation Index during 1981-2010; Advances in Meteorology
Spatio‑temporal analysis of the impact of climate, cropping intensity and means of irrigation: an assessment on rice yield determinants in Bangladesh; Agriculture & Food Security
Understanding the Monga vis-à-vis famine in Northern Bangladesh; Oriental Geographer
Understanding the spatially variable effects of climate change on rice yield for three ecotypes in Bangladesh, 1981-2010; Advances in Agriculture
Understanding the ‘Monga’ (local term refers to regional low food security) in Northern Bangladesh

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision