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Researcher: Ayentimi, DT (Dr Desmond Ayentimi)

Fields of Research

Human resources management
Industrial and employee relations
Higher education
International business
Political science
Organisation and management theory
Feminist theory
Macroeconomic theory
Other Indigenous studies
Food and hospitality services
Corporate social responsibility
Business systems in context
Economic development policy
Environmental politics
Labour law
Public policy

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Expanding knowledge in human society
Industrial relations
Higher education
Employment patterns and change
Business ethics
Economic growth
Public services policy advice and analysis
Political systems
Policies and development
Economic issues in tourism
Understanding Africa's past
Savings and investments
Public sector productivity
Trade assistance and protection

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A conceptual framework for international human resource management research in developing economies; Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources
A framework for evaluating the quality of gig work in Sub-Saharan Africa; AIRAANZ 2022 Conference.
Are Multinational Enterprises in less developed host countries charting the contours of union suppression or union substitution? Evidence from Ghana; Association of Industrial Relation Academics of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference
Attracting MNCs and enforcing local content laws: the double breasting dilemma in less developed countries in sub-Sahara Africa; CRIMT 2015 International Conference: Institutional Change and Experimentation: Shaping the future of Work and Employment
Community-level mechanisms and strategies for managing sustainable water supply systems: Lessons from Bongo district of northern Ghana; Environment, Development and Sustainability
Cultivating social capital: an exploratory analysis of business postgraduates in Ghana; Education + Training
Developing effective local content regulations in sub-Sahara Africa: the need for more effective policy alignment; Multinational Business Review
Do multinational subsidiaries demonstrate a convergence across their HRM practices in a less developed host-country?: evidence from Ghana; Employee Relations
Do subsidiaries of MNEs demonstrate a convergence across their HRM practices in a less developed host-country? Evidence from Ghana; 2016 Irish Academy of Management Annual Conference
Does entrepreneurial project monitoring and controlling process matter in social enterprises? Evidence from a developing African country; International Journal of Project Management
Does the historical and institutional re-construction of Ghana support the transfer of HRM practices?; Journal of Management History
Entrepreneurial project initiation processes for social enterprises in a developing economy context; Journal of Social Entrepreneurship
Environmental impact of oil and gas exploration on livelihoods in Nigeria’s Eastern Obolo: Exploring the people's rights to fair compensation; Forum for Development Studies
Exploring firm-community level trust in rural Africa through the lens of oil companies' corporate social responsibilities; Society and Business Review
From job satisfaction to profession satisfaction; British Academy of Management 2019 Conference
Gender equity and inclusion in Ghana; good intentions, uneven progress; Labour and Industry
Gender equity and inclusion in Ghana; Good Intentions, Uneven Progress; AIRAANZ 2019 Conference, Global Work, Quality Work
Green Business Practices in Emerging Economies; Green Marketing and Management in Emerging Markets: The Crucial Role of People Management in Successful Implementation
Green People Management, Internal Communications and Employee Engagement; Green Marketing and Management in Emerging Markets: The Crucial Role of People Management in Successful Implementation
HRM development in post-colonial societies: The challenges of advancing HRM practices in Ghana; International Journal of Cross Cultural Management
HRM practices of MNEs and domestic firms in Ghana: divergence or convergence?; Personnel Review
HRM Practices of Sub-Saharan African MNEs: Following the Best Practice Western MNE HRM Model?; International HRM and Development in Emerging Market Multinationals
Introducing an entrepreneurial project management model; Journal of Modern Project Management
Introduction to the AIRAANZ 2019 conference special issue; Labour and Industry
Is the 4IR Relevant to Sub-Sahara Africa?; The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Future of Work and Implications for Managers Conference
Is the fourth industrial revolution relevant to sub-Sahara Africa?; Technology Analysis and Strategic Management
Key Skills and Workforce Development Challenges for Western Australia; 3rd International Skills Colloquium: Employability, employment, training and skills in the global era
Leaders’ accounts on employee voice in the Indian context: an exploratory study; Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources
Leveraging public service performance management to enhance public service delivery: a contemporary perspective; Ethics and Accountable Governance in Africa's Public Sector, Volume I. Ethical Compliance and Institutional Performance
Local isomorphism and multinational enterprises’ human resource management practices: Extending the research agenda; Journal of Management & Organization
Macro‐institutional conditions in Ghana and the challenges to HRM program development and implementation; Thunderbird International Business Review
Multinationals' HRM policies and practices: Do national institutions in less developed countries really matter?; Rainer Hampp Verlag
Preliminary investigation of the challenges in the operationalization of HRM practices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Higher Education Sector; ANZAM 2018 Conference
Proximity and Knowledge Sharing in a Wine Tourism Cluster; The 2016 Irish Academy of Management Annual Conference
Psychological empowerment and employee proficiency; ANZAM 2018 Conference
Reviewing the Literature on Local Isomorphism and Multi-National Enterprises’ Human Resource Management Practices; Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management Conference
Rhetoric and realities in Australian universities of student engagement in online learning: Implications for a post-pandemic era; The International Journal of Management Education
Skilled labour shortage: a qualitative study of Ghana's training and apprenticeship system; Human Resource Development International
Socially Responsible Investment and MNE’s; Globalizing Actors: Creating, Diffusing and Contesting the norms of International Management
The 4IR and the Challenges for Developing Economies; Developing the Workforce in an Emerging Economy: The Case of Indonesia
The devolvement of HR practices in Saudi Arabian public universities: Exploring tensions and challenges; Asia Pacific Management Review
The meaning and essential nature of a profession: a multi-perspective approach; Labour and Industry
The rhetoric and reality of online student engagement in Australian universities: Implications for academics' professional development; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Annual Conference
The role of industry training councils as key stakeholders in workforce development; AIRAANZ 2019 Conference, Global Work, Quality Work
Union suppression and union substitution strategies of multinational enterprises in Ghana; Industrial Relations Journal
What is keeping women out of academic careers in higher education in developing societies?; AIRAANZ 2020 Conference, Doing Things Differently? IR Practice and Research Beyond
Who Is a Customer?; Customer Service Management in Africa: A Strategic and Operational Perspective
Women in Ghana: progress, but important challenges remain

Research Projects

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