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Researcher: Rajaguru, R (Dr Rajesh Rajaguru)

Fields of Research

Marketing management (incl. strategy and customer relations)
Service marketing
Industrial marketing
Marketing communications
Consumer-oriented product or service development
Consumer behaviour
Not-for-profit marketing
Islamic studies
Social marketing
Hospitality management
Economics, business and management curriculum and pedagogy
Air transportation and freight services
Tourism marketing
Wireless communication systems and technologies (incl. microwave and millimetrewave)
Data models, storage and indexing
Data communications

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Hospitality services
Recreational services
Other culture and society
Waste recycling services
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Aquaculture crustaceans (excl. rock lobster and prawns)
Professional, scientific and technical services
Social ethics
Market-based mechanisms
Wholesale and retail trade
Other information and communication services
Religious rituals and traditions (excl. structures)
Health related to ageing
Learner and learning
Expanding knowledge in engineering
Expanding knowledge in the agricultural, food and veterinary sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Alleviating Service Exclusion: A Study into the Education Service Ecosystem in Tasmania and Beyond. Final Report
An Ecosystem Model to Develop Collaborative Interventions for Inclusive Service Designs and Practices - interim report
Analyising service quality gap in in Indian management education using INSTAQUAL: A study of state university affiliated Colleges; ANZAM 2017
Co-designing the 'transfers and mobility care' to improve care and service delivery experience in Tasmanian rural and regional residential aged-care facilities: research translation study; Celebrating the Impact of Regional Research and Education Conference 2022
Conceptualizing service exclusion through service-dominant logic; 2020 AMS Annual Conference: From micro to macro - Dealing with uncertainties in the global marketplace
Effect of hedonic and utilitarian motivation on customer satisfaction: moderating role of time pressure; NRWC 2018
Effects of Functional Illiteracy associated Psychological Reflection and Disconfirmation on Post-Purchase Behavior; Global Conference On SME, Entrepreneurship & Service Innovation 2012
Effects of inter-organizational compatibility on supply chain capabilities: Exploring the mediating role of inter-organizational information systems (IOIS) integration; Industrial Marketing Management
Exploring the antecedents of inter-organisational information systems (IOIS) integration and its effect on supply chain: A resource based view; European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC)
Functional Attributes and Shopping Value: Supermarket Vs Local Market; International Journal of Global Business
Identifying drivers of exclusion in service ecosystems; ANZMAC 2021
Influence of inter‐organisational integration on business performance: the mediating role of organisational‐level supply chain functions; Journal of Enterprise Information Management
Information system integration, forecast information quality and market responsiveness: role of socio-technical congruence; Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Investigating source differences of online reviews in an emerging market; 2019 ANZMAC Conference Proceedings
Investigating source differences of online reviews in an emerging market; ANZMAC 2019
Legitimacy Acquisition and Social Enterprises; Enterprise Development in SMEs and Entrepreneurial Firms: Dynamic Processes
Low cost not enough anymore: A sourcing paradox; Center for Global Outsourcing Tenth Annual International Smart-Sourcing Conference
Motion picture-induced visual, vocal and celebrity effects on tourism motivation: stimulus organism response model; Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
Role of compatibility and supply chain process integration in facilitating supply chain capabilities and organizational performance; Supply Chain Management
Role of inter-organisational compatibility and IOIS integration in large firms and SMEs retailing chains; Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
Role of value for money and service quality on behavioural intention: A study of full service and low cost airlines; Journal of Air Transport Management
Service exclusion: Understanding how asymmetric power relations cause ineffective service exchange; 2021 Frontiers in Service Conference: Service in the world of artificial intelligence and digital technologies
SME resilience - process, pathways, and market shaping; Center for Business & Industrial Marketing International Conference
Social acceptability and the development of commercial RAS aquaculture; Aquaculture
Social loafing in group-based learning: student-created and instructor-created group perspectives; Education and Training
Socio-Technical congruence and information systems integration; 2017 Summer AMA Conference
Student’s creativity confidence for learning success; ANZMAC Conference 2019
Supply chain finance in enhancing supply-oriented and demand-oriented performance capabilities - moderating role of perceived partner opportunism; Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing
The determinants of franchise brand loyalty in B2B markets: An emerging market perspective; Journal of Business Research
The growth satisfaction in jobs among hospitality employees: the role of transformational leadership, interpersonal communication satisfaction and trust; Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism
The Process of Legitimacy Acquisition in Social Enterprises; Global Conference On SME, Entrepreneurship & Service Innovation 2010
The role of trip purpose and hotel star rating on guests’ satisfaction and WOM; International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
Understanding service exclusion through value co-creation paradigm; Global Marketing Conference: Bridging Asia and the World - New Marketing and Management in Digitally Connected World
Understanding service exclusion through value co-creation paradigm; 2020 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul (Virtual Conference)
Understanding Star Ratings on Product Review Website; Academy of Marketing Conference 2019
What drives consumer choice of Islamic banking services in the United Arab Emirates?; International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management
What drives the decision to switch to Islamic banking? Evidence from the UAE; 27th IBIMA Conference
Zero-waste management resources and capabilities of small hospitality firms; 2020 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul (Virtual Conference)

Research Projects

Marine Bioproducts Cooperative Research Centre; Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DoIIS)
Consumer choice and behavioural intention in hospitality service selection
Cultural influence and shopping behaviour

Research Candidate Supervision