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Researcher: Brown, AS (Mr Alexander Brown)

Fields of Research

Distributed systems and algorithms
Intelligent robotics
Cloud computing
Evolutionary computation
Pattern recognition
Education systems

Research Objectives

Terrestrial biodiversity
Information systems, technologies and services
Native forests
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change
Computer systems
Teaching and instruction technologies

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

AcoustiCloud: A cloud-based system for managing large-scale bioacoustics processing; Environmental Modelling and Software
Automatic and efficient denoising of bioacoustics recordings using MMSE STSA; IEEE Access
Automatic construction of accurate bioacoustics workflows under time constraints using a surrogate model; Applied Soft Computing
Automatic rain and cicada chorus filtering of bird acoustic data; Applied Soft Computing
Identifying patterns of human and bird activities using bioacoustic data; Forests
Scalable Bioacoustics Pre-Processing: a platform to efficiently pre-process and reduce noise from large scale bioacoustics recordings in a distributed system
Scalable preprocessing of high volume environmental acoustic data for bioacoustic monitoring; PLoS One
SMOaaS: a Scalable Matrix Operation as a Service model in Cloud; Journal of Supercomputing

Research Projects

Machine learning insight generation for the Virtuoso enterprise learning platform; Australian Institute of Mathematics & Science Pty Ltd (AMSI)

Research Candidate Supervision