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Researcher: Farivar, F (Dr Farveh Farivar)

Fields of Research

Human resources management
Human information interaction and retrieval
Higher education
Business systems in context
International business
Educational technology and computing
Impacts of tourism

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Human capital issues
Network systems and services
Management, resources and leadership
Other culture and society
Gender and sexualities
Socio-cultural issues in tourism

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Configurational demographic predictors of work-nonwork satisfaction; Human Resource Management Journal
Cross-domain Online Social Networking and Job/Life Satisfaction; AOM Specialised Conference: Big Data in a Digital Economy
Demographic Predictors of Work-Family Balance: A Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Perspective; Under New Management: Innovating for sustainable and just futures: 30th ANZAM Conference
Enhancing Women's Capacities in Agricultural Research and Development in Asia and Africa; Human Development and Capacity Building: Asia Pacific trends, challenges and prospects for the future
Finding humor in work–life conflict: Distinguishing the effects of individual and co-worker humor; Journal of Vocational Behavior
Growing corporate social responsibility communication through online social networking in Iran; International Journal of Organizational Analysis
How do knowledge workers with flexible jobs manage constant connectivity? An affordance perspective; 80th Academy of Management Conference
Instant messaging and work digitalisation; 19th European Academy of Management Conference
International graduates and the change of initial career mobility intentions; Personnel Review
International graduates host country employment intentions and outcomes: evidence from two Australian universities; Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management
Migration trajectories of independent skilled migrants: Development of a model; IHRM2018: 15th International human resources management conference
Minimising skills wastage: Maximising the health of skilled migrant groups
Psychological empowerment and employee proficiency; ANZAM 2018 Conference
Skills wastage of skilled migrants: the role of the Recognition of Overseas Qualifications and Experience (ROQE); Jobs and Change in Uncertain Times: 32nd Annual AIRAANZ Conference
Skills wastage: A study of migrant engineers in Australia; ANZAM 2017
Talking point: Take working in captivity from burnout to beaut
The Analysis of Different Customers and Employees’ Perceptions from Service Quality in the Insurance Industry of Iran; International Journal of Business and Management
The CSR practices of emerging market MNEs in developed countries: A configuration approach; The 61st Academy of International Business Annual Meeting
The effects of Cyberslacking through Social Media on Work-Life Conflict: A fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis; Under New Management: Innovating for sustainable and just futures: 30th ANZAM Conference
The job seeking experiences of international graduates in the host country: Australia's lost opportunity?; The International Journal of Human Resource Management
The relationship between cyberslacking and work-related variables: Implications for HRM; The 11th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health
The unanticipated road to skills wastage for skilled migrants: The non-recognition of overseas qualifications and experience (ROQE); Labour and Industry
Work-family balance and cultural dimensions: from a developing nation perspective; Personnel Review
Workplace digitalization and work-nonwork satisfaction: The role of spillover social media; Behaviour and Information Technology
Work–Family online networking and Family to-Work conflict: friends or foes?; The 11th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health
“Do whatever it is you want to do”: How businesses are embracing hybrid work models as the office changes forever

Research Projects

Future skill need in Australian oil and gas, coal, and uranium sectors
Minimising skill wastage and Maximising wellbeing

Research Candidate Supervision