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Researcher: Ikegami, F (Mr Fumihiko Ikegami)

Fields of Research

Marine geoscience

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Expanding knowledge in the physical sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Syn-eruptive soft-sediment deformation structures in a deep submarine caldera: Havre, 2012; Marine Geology
The eruption of submarine rhyolite lavas and domes in the deep ocean - Havre 2012, Kermadec Arc; Frontiers in Earth Science
The largest deep-ocean silicic volcanic eruption of the past century; Science Advances
Volcaniclastic dispersal during submarine lava effusion: the 2012 eruption of Havre Volcano, Kermadec Arc, New Zealand; Frontiers in Earth Science

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision