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Researcher: Paine, ER ( Ellie Paine)

Fields of Research

Phycology (incl. marine grasses)

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Adjustments in fatty acid composition is a mechanism that can explain resilience to marine heatwaves and future ocean conditions in the habitat-forming seaweed Phyllospora comosa (Labillardiere) C. Agardh; Global Change Biology
Light regulates inorganic nitrogen uptake and storage, but not nitrate assimilation, by the red macroalga Hemineura frondosa (Rhodophyta); European Journal of Phycology
Narrow range of temperature and irradiance supports optimal development of Lessonia corrugata (Ochrophyta) gametophytes: implications for kelp aquaculture and responses to climate change; Journal of Applied Phycology

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision