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Researcher: Adams, VM (Dr Vanessa Adams)

Fields of Research

Environmental Management
Conservation and Biodiversity

Research Objectives

Ecosystem Assessment and Management at Regional or Larger Scales
Expanding Knowledge in the Environmental Sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Approaches to strategic risk analysis and management of invasive plants: lessons learned from managing gamba grass in northern Australia; Pacific Conservation Biology
Breaking the deadlock on ivory; Science
Conserving biodiversity and Indigenous bush tucker: practical application of the strategic foresight framework to invasive alien species management planning; Conservation Letter
Designing connected marine reserves in the face of global warming; Global Change Biology
Distribution, demography and dispersal model of spatial spread of invasive plant populations with limited data; Methods in Ecology and Evolution
Estimating land and conservation management costs: the first step in designing a stewardship program for the Northern Territory; Biological Conservation
Estimating landholders’ probability of participating in a stewardship program, and the implications for spatial conservation priorities; PLoS One
Estimating the benefit of well-managed protected areas for threatened species conservation; Oryx
Estimating the financial risks of Andropogon gayanus to greenhouse gas abatement projects in northern Australia; Environmental Research Letters
How much does it cost to expand a protected area system? Some critical determining factors and ranges of costs for Queensland; PLoS One
Importance of the seed bank for population viability and population monitoring in a threatened wetland herb; Biological Conservation
Improving social acceptability of marine protected area networks: a method for estimating opportunity costs to multiple gear types in both fished and currently unfished areas; Biological Conservation
Making time for space: the critical role of spatial planning in adapting natural resource management to climate change; Environmental Science and Policy
Measuring benefits of protected area management: trends across realms and research gaps for freshwater systems; Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Navigating trade-offs in land-use planning: integrating human well-being into objective setting; Ecology and Society
Opportunity costs: who really pays for conservation?; Biological Conservation
Optimal dynamic control of invasions: applying a systematic conservation approach; Ecological Applications
Planning across freshwater and terrestrial realms: cobenefits and tradeoffs between conservation actions; Conservation Letter
Security and equity of conservation covenants: contradictions of private protected area policies in Australia; Land Use Policy
Synthesis and review: delivering on conservation promises: the challenges of managing and measuring conservation outcomes; Environmental Research Letters
Thinking globally, acting locally – conservation lessons from Oceania; Pacific Conservation Biology
Uncertainties around the implementation of a clearing control policy in a unique catchment in Northern Australia: exploring equity issues and balancing competing objectives; PLoS One
Using multiple methods to understand the nature of relationships in social networks; Society and Natural Resources
Using optimal land-use scenarios to assess trade-offs between conservation, development, and social values; PLoS One

Research Projects

Activity 2. Flammable Grasses, Fire management for northern Australia
Fulbright Fellowship
Sir Keith Murdoch Fellowship

Research Candidate Supervision