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Researcher: Lang, ME (Ms Megan Lang)

Fields of Research

Other education
Sociology of education
Specialist studies in education
Education policy, sociology and philosophy
Social change
Musicology and ethnomusicology
Inclusive education
Higher education
Technical writing
Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
Primary education
Work integrated learning (incl. internships)
Education assessment and evaluation
Computer vision and multimedia computation
Social geography
Social policy
Information systems philosophy, research methods and theory

Research Objectives

Learner and learning
Other education and training
Equity and access to education
Teacher and instructor development
Schools and learning environments
Higher education
Expanding knowledge in human society
Teaching and curriculum
Expanding knowledge in education

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Becoming HIP: discovering musical identities through engagement with music
Cacophony: An outcomes-based approach to teaching music performance in higher education; International Symposium on Performance Science
Child-friendly summary - Child-Centred Workshop
Child-friendly summary of findings from children's participation in workshops evaluating an informal learning program (Children's University Tasmania) - Primary School #2, Hobart TAS
Children as researchers: wild things and the dialogic imagination; Childhood
Children’s Voices and the Dialogic Imagination; Encyclopedia of Teacher Education
Impact Evaluation of the Teacher Internship Placement Program: Final Report
Impact of Department of Education staff completing the Graduate Certificate of Inclusive Education
Inspiring the next generation of scientists: children as researchers and storytellers; Teaching Science
Learning During COVID-19 - Our Voices
Listen to the Children
Music and Literacy; Engagement Transforms (ET19)
Tassie Researchers: child-led research and the dialogic imagination; 12th Educational Psychology Forum
Tassie Researchers: training children to be researchers: Interview with Lucy Breadon
Translation of the book The Oboe Doctor - A Guide to Repairs and Maintenance' by Schaeferdiek, M from German to English; Accolade Music Publisher
Wild Things: Children as Researchers; Centre for Children's Rights Seminar Series 2021/22

Research Projects

Tassie Researchers childled research

Research Candidate Supervision