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Researcher: Hardy, A (Dr Anne Hardy)

Research Fields

Tourism Management
Tourist Behaviour and Visitor Experience
Impacts of Tourism
Tourism Policy
Tourism Marketing
Tourism Resource Appraisal
Landscape Ecology
Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement
Education Policy
Consumer-Oriented Product or Service Development
Marketing Management (incl. Strategy and Customer Relations)
Environmental Impact Assessment
Tourism Economics
Health and Community Services
Culture, Gender, Sexuality
International Business
Sociology and Social Studies of Science and Technology

Research Impact

Tourism Infrastructure Development
Socio-Cultural Issues in Tourism
Economic Issues in Tourism
Environmentally Sustainable Commercial Services and Tourism
Expanding Knowledge in Law and Legal Studies
Management of Solid Waste from Commercial Services and Tourism
Ecosystem Assessment and Management at Regional or Larger Scales
Gender Aspects of Education
Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis
Rural Health
Gender and Sexualities
Protected Conservation Areas in Marine Environments

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A National Review of Commercial Campground Infrastructure and Locations
A report to Sinclair Knight Merz regarding the Business Plan for Sullivans Cove Tramway
A Submission to Green Globe 21 Application for Benchmarking the Forestry Tasmania's Tahune Airwalk as a 'Visitor Centre'
Academic parenting: work–family conflict and strategies across child age, disciplines and career level; Studies in Higher Education
An In-house Report to the Study Team of the Daintree Futures Study Team
An investigation into the key factors necessary for the development of iconic touring routes; Journal of Vacation Marketing
Determining sustainable tourism in regions; Sustainability
Does size matter? Exploring experiences of large recreational vehicle users; 2011 ANZMAC Conference
Environmental consciousness of RV visitors to Rocky Mountain National Parks; University of Calgary Conference
Feasibility Study of Bernacchi Lodge Central Highlands/Great Lake Tasmania
Innovation through iterations: Improving regional touring routes through survey research; Regional Tourism Cases: Innovation in Regional Tourism
International Students’ Interest and Experience of Working Part-Time in Tourism While Studying; CAUTHE 2014: Tourism and Hospitality in the Contemporary World: Trends, Changes and Complexity
Interview with Dr Anne Hardy
It's all about me: Understanding recreational vehicle useage (caravanning) on the Alaska Highway; CAUTHE 2008:
Key factors in the Development of Successful Touring Routes
Neglected stakeholder groups: A case study of recreational vehicle users in Tasmania; ANZAM: Managing on the Edge
Neglected stakeholder groups: conceptualising a dynamic model for neglected stakeholder analysis and engagement; Corporate Ownership and Control
Neo-tribes and Antarctic expedition cruise ship tourists; Annals of Leisure Research
Old businesses hurt, but new enterprises can thrive
Online representations of RVing neo-tribes in the USA and Australia; Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change
Paradise gained - how tourism could help Tasmania's wilderness
Pooches on Wheels: Overcoming Pet-Related Constraints through RVing; Animals and Tourism: Understanding Diverse Relationships
Premier backs Cradle Mountain master plan
Pressure Tasmania’s tourism industry as visitor numbers rise and staff, infrastructure stretched
Rethinking Gay Tourism: A Review of Literature; CAUTHE 2014: Tourism and Hospitality in the Contemporary World: Trends, Changes and Complexity
Social Analysis of Sustainable Tourism Development as a Contributor to the Economic Development of Tasmania
Social Attitudes towards Tourism Development in Tasmania: A research project
Stakeholder Perceptions of Sustainable Tourism: Lessons Learnt from a Study in the Daintree Region of Far North Queensland, Australia; Australian Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference 2001
Sustainable Tourism or Maintainable Tourism: Managing Resources for More Than Average Outcomes; Journal of Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable Tourism: An Overview of the Concept and its Position in Relation to Conceptualisations of Tourism; Journal of Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable tourism: An overview of the concept and its position in relation to tourism theory; 1999 International Tourism Students' Conference
Talking Point: Better build on the boomtimes
Talking Point: Inflating tourism’s big boom
The Evolution of Gay Travel Research; International Journal of Tourism Research
The Latest in Tourism Research
The Latest in Tourism Research
The ties that bind: Exploring the relevance of neo-tribal theory to tourism; Tourism Analysis
The use of Grounded Theory as a tool to facilitate theory on stakeholder perceptions of sustainable tourism; International Geographic Union Sustainable Tourism Study Group & International Tourism Students' Conference
Tourism Development in Tasmania and The New Tourism Major
Tourism development in Tasmania’s Wilderness Areas: Is sustainable tourism a realistic possibility?; Australian Environment Review
Tourist Tracking
Tourist-tracking project delivers powerful insights into Tasmania's strengths and weaknesses
Tourists in Tasmania will have their movements and opinions tracked with a phone loan tracker system
Tracking app to gather data from tourists visiting Tasmania
Tracking tourists a goldmine for Tassie
Tracking tourists a goldmine for Tassie
Tracking tourists a goldmine for Tassie
Tracking tourists a goldmine for Tassie
Travelling neo-tribes: Conceptualising recreational vehicle users; Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change
Understanding the Free/Low Cost Camping Recreational Vehicle Traveller: An exploration of actions and attitudes
Understanding the self-drive tourism (rubber tire traffic): A case study of Bella Coola, British Columbia; UNBC
University of Tasmania Sense-T Sensing Tourist Travel Project receives national success
Using grounded theory to explore stakeholder perceptions of tourism; Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change
Why we travel this way: An exploration into the motivations of recreational vehicle users; Drive Tourism: Trends and Emerging Markets

Research Projects

Assessment of Interpretation Outcomes: The Development and Refinement of a Methodology and Evaluation Tools for Tourism Practitioners; CRC for Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd (CRCT)
Landscapes and Policy (LaP); Department of Environment (Cwth) (DoE)
Regional Touring Route Travellers: A Collaborative Exploration of Users' Motivations. Behaviour and Expenditure whilst on Regional Touring Routes in Queensland and Tasmania; CRC for Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd (CRCT)
'Market based touring route' research
A Review of Commercial Campground Infrastructure and Locations: The East Coast, Tasmania
Baseline data on campgrounds to inform and examine RV user choices
Sense-T Stage 2: Sensing Tourist Travel ('Tourist tracking project')
Tourism Education and Research Network (TRENd)
Tourism Education and Research Network (TRENd)
Understanding the Free/Low Cost Camping Recreational Vehicle Traveller
Understanding the travel behaviour of Chinese international students families - An exploratory study

Research Candidate Supervision

Accidentally Tourism- Symmetry and Object Lessons from an Urban Design Laboratory
Developing Effective Interpretation in National Parks- Non Personal Interpretation in Tasmanian National Park Visitor Centres
Education industry as a tourism attractor- an instrumental case study of a university and its' induced visitors
Evaluating Sustainable Practices- An Investigation into Local Tourism Development in Tasmania
Understanding of the Cross-CulturalLGBT Travelling Experiences. The Comparison of Market Segmentation Cases in Europe and Australia