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Researcher: Chui, K (Dr Helena Chui)

Fields of Research

Psychology of ageing
Mental health services
Health psychology
Acute care
Psychology of religion
Applied and developmental psychology
Aged care nursing
Primary health care
Aged health care
Residential client care

Research Objectives

Health related to ageing
Mental health
Provision of health and support services
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Behaviour and health
Evaluation of health outcomes
Health education and promotion

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Community Epidemiological Survey of Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Hong Kong; Community Mental Health Journal
Age differences in the effects of self-esteem: The link between physical symptoms and daily affect; GeroPsych
Burnout, eating behaviour traits and dietary patterns; British Food Journal
Change in coping and defense mechanisms across adulthood: longitudinal findings in a European American sample; Developmental Psychology
Cognitive resilience in adulthood; Annual Review of Gerontology & Geriatrics
Cumulative Load of Depressive Symptoms Is Associated With Cortisol Awakening Response in Very Old Age; Research in Human Development
Human development; The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science
Measuring Future Time Perspective Across Adulthood: Development and Evaluation of a Brief Multidimensional Questionnaire; The Gerontologist
Parental response to child's isolation during the SARS outbreak; Ambulatory pediatrics
Personal and Societal Factors on Prejudice against Aboriginal People, Immigrants, Racial Minorities, and Refugees among Churchgoers in Australia; Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, A Diversity of Paradigms
Personal risk and resilience factors in the context of daily stress; Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics
Social partners and momentary affect in the oldest-old: the presence of others benefits affect depending on who we are and who we are with; Developmental Psychology
Stigmatizing experience and structural discrimination associated with the treatment of schizophrenia in Hong Kong; Social science & medicine
Trajectories of depressive symptoms in old age: Integrating age-, pathology-, and mortality-related changes; Psychology and Aging

Research Projects

Keeping older adults well at home; determining active components in a community wellness program; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision