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Researcher: Hatisaru, V (Dr Vesife Hatisaru)

Fields of Research

Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
Mathematics and numeracy curriculum and pedagogy
Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogy
Secondary education
Continuing and community education
Higher education
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Professional education and training
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Educational administration, management and leadership

Research Objectives

Teacher and instructor development
Learner and learning
Teaching and curriculum
Secondary education
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education
Gender aspects in education
Other education and training
Policies and development
Inclusive education
Professional development and adult education

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'My picture is about opening up students' minds beyond school gates!' School principals' perceptions of STEM learning environments; Journal of Research in STEM Education
A Math Puzzle: Why they cannot succeed if they like?
A peer learning circle approach to professional learning: Promoting representational fluency; Australian Mathematics Education Journal
Comparing elementary students’ written based mathematics test performance with listening based test performance; Dicle University Educational Faculty Journal of Education
Draw a mathematics classroom: teaching and learning practices through the eyes of students; Mathematics in School
Exploring evidence of mathematical tasks and representations in the drawings of middle school students; International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education
High school students’ perceptions of mathematics: Writing a composition; VIII. Mathematics Symposium
How mathematics should be taught? The case of low-achievers; VIII. Mathematics Symposium
Investigating industrial vocational high school students’ understanding of the function concept; Kastamonu Education Journal
Investigating student growth in problem-based learning treatment mathematics classes; Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences
Lessons learnt from the international comparisons studies for mathematics education
Lower secondary students' views about mathematicians depicted as mathematics teachers; LUMAT
Make room for D-STEM: A way to inform the teaching of STEM in schools; Teaching Science
Mathematical knowledge for teaching the function concept and student learning outcomes; International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education
Mathematics anxiety
Perceived needs for mathematics among lower secondary students; Australian Mathematics Education Journal
Putting the spotlight on mathematics classrooms; International Symposium Elementary Mathematics Teaching
Researching the Affective Domain in Mathematics Education; Research in Mathematics Education in Australasia 2016–2019
School students’ depictions of mathematics teaching and learning practices; International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education
Secondary mathematics teachers’ content knowledge for teaching the concept of function; International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning
South Korea: A Success Story in Mathematics Education
South Korea: Education and Success
STEM learning environments: perceptions of STEM education researchers; 42nd Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia Conference
Student views on problem-based learning of 9th grade industrial vocational high school
Students’ perceptions of mathematics, and if and how classroom teaching, teachers, parents and the wide society contribute perpetuation of student perceptions: interview with Suleyman Beledioglu
Students’ perceptions of the concept of function: The case of Turkish students attending vocational high school on industry; World Conference on Educational Sciences
Teachers' Beliefs About Knowledge of Teaching and Their Impact on Teaching Practices; Views and Beliefs in Mathematics Education: The Role of Beliefs in the Classroom
Teachers' knowledge of content and students about the function concept and its interrelation with student learning outcomes in vocational high schools
TED University Faculty of Education, 2017-2018 Fall Semester, EDU 401 Community Service Projects
The analogies in the writing of secondary mathematics teachers about the concept of function: an application of the structure-mapping theory; British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics Autumn Conference 2020
The effect of problem-based learning on mathematics achievement of 9th grade industrial vocational high school students; Journal of Contemporary Education
The key in success in mathematics is joy
The perceptions of vocational high school students about graphical representations of linear and constant functions (MESLEK LİSESİ ÖĞRENCİLERİNİN DOĞRUSAL VE SABİT FONKSİYON İLE BUNLARIN GRAFİKSEL GÖSTERİMİNE İLİŞKİN ALGILARI); Eskisehir Osmangazi University Journal of Social Sciences
Theory-driven determinants of school students’ stem career goals: a preliminary investigation; 26th (Digital) Conference of Mathematical Views (DIMAVI26)
Theory-driven determinants of school students’ stem career goals: a preliminary investigation; European Journal of STEM Education,
Türkiye’nin Erasmus+ programına katılımının değerlendirilmesi: stratejik ortaklıklar ve bilgi ortaklıkları örneği; Ankara Avrupa Calismalari Dergisi
Using drawings to investigate the image of mathematics; British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics Autumn Conference 2020
Vocational and technical education problem-based learning exercise: Sample scenario; World Conference on Educational Sciences
Why mathematics is important?
“Creature” teachers “monster” mathematicians: students’ views about mathematicians and their stated attitudes to mathematics; International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology

Research Projects

Principals as STEM Leaders - Building the Evidence Base for Improved STEM Learning
Content and Language Integrated Learning for Maths and Science Teachers
MERGA 2012, Singapore
MERGA 2014, Australia
Mobility Project for Higher Education Staff, Teaching Mobility
Mobility Project for Higher Education Staff, Training Mobility
New ways of teaching mathematics and physics-practical and cross-curricular approach

Research Candidate Supervision