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Researcher: Hollings, P (Professor Peter Hollings)

Fields of Research

Exploration geochemistry
Resource geoscience
Igneous and metamorphic petrology
Structural geology and tectonics
Mineralogy and crystallography
Organic geochemistry

Research Objectives

Copper ore exploration
Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Other mineral resources (excl. energy resources)
Precious (noble) metal ore exploration
Environmentally sustainable mineral resource activities

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A new tectonic model for the southern Abitibi Belt: factors contributing to a VHMS-rich metallogenic province; Volcanic Environments and Massive Sulfide Deposits
A special issue devoted to porphyry and epithermal deposits of the Southwest Pacific; Economic Geology
Archean Chlorite: Regional metamorphic chlorite from the Shebandowan Greenstone Belt, Ontario, Canada
Archean Nb-enriched basalts in the northern Superior Province; Lithos
Carbonate geochemistry: a P1153 PhD thesis proposal
Central Chile epidote and chlorite
Cerro Casale Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit, Chile
Chlorite comes of age: a key tool for exploring in greenrocks
Chlorite Synthesis
Enhanced geochemical targeting in magmatic-hydrothermal systems
Epidote Synthesis
Epidote synthesis
Executive summary AMIRA project P1060: enhanced geochemical targeting in magmatic-hydrothermal systems
Geochemistry of Alteration of Red Lake Au Deposit
Geodynamic complexities in arc and post-collisional settings of the SW Pacific and China - essential ingredients for porphyry mineralisation; SEG 2017 Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond
Giant porphyry deposits: Characteristics, distribution, and tectonic controls; Economic Geology
Hemlo gold deposit, Canada
Hemlo green rock pilot study (update – May 2016)
Isotopic composition of the felsic volcanics of the Mt Read Volcanics, Western Tasmania; Volcanic Environments and Massive Sulfide Deposits
Limits of porphyry deposit footprints in the Central Chilean Andes
Magmatic precursors of hydrothermal fluids at the Río Blanco Cu-Mo deposit, Chile: links to silicate magmas and metal transport; Economic Geology
Magnetite: pointing the way for porphyry explorers
Mineral chemical anomalism in magmatic-hydrothermal epidote from SW Pacific porphyry and epithermal deposits; SEG 2017 Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond
Mineral Chemistry of the HemloAu District
Mineral chemistry of the Heron Bay area
P1060 - achievements and explorers' toolbox
P1153 Explorer’s Toolbox: Workflow for green and white rock exploration
Philex (Santo Tomas II), Philippines
Quartz: a new tool for vectoring in green rock, lithocap and white rock environments
Quartz: A tool for vectoring and fertility assessments in magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits
Reanalysis program: shebandowan and shabotik pyrite
Regional geochemistry of Central Chile
Regional geochemistry of Tertiary igneous rocks in central Chile: Implications for the geodynamic environment of giant porphyry copper and epithermal gold mineralization; Economic Geology
Regional geochemistry of volcanic rocks, central Chile
Synthesis of regional lithostratigraphic petrological-geochemical studies, and some thoughts on their implications for tectonic development of the Molong Arc - Hill End Trough
The sides of porphyry deposits: exploring in green and white rocks
The volcanology and geochemistry of the Fairbridge Volcanics in the Cargo region
Use of O2 and CO2 production in kinetic cells to delineate pyrite oxidation - carbonate buffering and microbial respiration in unsaturated media; Journal of Contaminant Hydrology
Vectoring techniques investigated using trace element chemistry of carbonates around the Baguio District
Whole rock geochemistry - lessons learned from exploration

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

Breccia-hosted copper-molybdenum mineralisation at Rio Blanco, Chile