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Researcher: Anderson, KC (Dr Kelli Anderson)

Fields of Research

Fish physiology and genetics
Environmental marine biotechnology
Fisheries sciences
Pollution and contamination
Climate change impacts and adaptation
Systems biology
Animal cell and molecular biology
Cell metabolism
Bioinformatic methods development
Natural resource management
Animal developmental and reproductive biology

Research Objectives

Aquaculture fin fish (excl. tuna)
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Marine biodiversity
Aquaculture oysters
Rehabilitation or conservation of marine environments
Biodiversity in Antarctic and Southern Ocean environments
Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Coastal and estuarine systems and management
Measurement and assessment of freshwater quality (incl. physical and chemical conditions of water)
Environmentally sustainable animal production

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A transcriptomic investigation of appetite-regulation and digestive processes in giant grouper Epinephelus lanceolatus during early larval development; Journal of Fish Biology
A transcriptomic investigation of digestive processes in orange-spotted grouper, Epinephelus coioides, before, during, and after metamorphic development; Gene
Cleaner seas: reducing marine pollution; Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
Development of a method for identifying elevated vitellogenin gene expression in the Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata) as an indicator of endocrine disruption on the Sunshine Coast; Ecological Management and Restoration
Development of a new 'ultrametric' method for assessing spawning progression in female teleost serial spawners; Scientific Reports
Effect of elevated temperature on estrogenic induction of vitellogenesis and zonagenesis in juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar); Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology
Effect of thermal challenge on plasma gonadotropin levels and ovarian steroidogenesis in female maiden and repeat spawning Tasmanian Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar); Aquaculture
Effect of thermal challenge on the expression of genes involved in ovarian steroidogenesis in Tasmanian Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar); Aquaculture
Effects of GnRHa treatment during vitellogenesis on the reproductive physiology of thermally challenged female Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar); PeerJ
Estrogen therapy offsets thermal impairment of vitellogenesis, but not zonagenesis, in maiden spawning female Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar); PeerJ
Food for all: designing sustainable and secure future seafood systems; Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
From gametogenesis to spawning: how climate-driven warming affects teleost reproductive biology; Journal of Fish Biology
Hepatic reference gene selection in adult and juvenile female Atlantic salmon at normal and elevated temperatures; BMC Research Notes
Impacts of Fsh, Igf1, and high temperature on the expression of genes involved in steroidogenesis, cell communication, and apoptosis in isolated coho salmon previtellogenic ovarian follicles; Aquaculture
Meta-analysis of studies using suppression subtractive hybridization and microarrays to investigate the effects of environmental stress on gene transcription in oysters; PloS ONE
NextGen molecular barcoding of larval grouper diet in an extensive green-water pond system; Aquaculture
Ocean resource use: building the coastal blue economy; Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
Rapid transcriptional acclimation following transgenerational exposure of oysters to ocean acidification; Molecular Ecology
The capacity of oysters to regulate energy metabolism-related processes may be key to their resilience against ocean acidification; Aquaculture Research
Thermal impairment of reproduction is differentially expressed in maiden and repeat spawning Atlantic salmon; Aquaculture
Transcriptomic characterisation of a common skin lesion in farmed Chinook salmon; Fish and Shellfish Immunology
Warming world, changing ocean: mitigation and adaptation to support resilient marine systems; Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries

Research Projects

Investigating the use of germ cell transplantation as an insurance tool for the conservation of the endangered Maugean Skate Zearaja maugeana; Winifred Violet Scott Charitable Trust (WVS)
The effect of pre-smolt body size on readiness for sea transfer, and subsequent performance at sea in Tasmanian Atlantic salmon
The impact of culture condition on biochemical egg content in Tasmanian Atlantic salmon

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