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Researcher: Wood, K (Dr Kyra Wood)

Fields of Research

Architectural science and technology
Timber, pulp and paper
Architectural heritage and conservation
Architectural computing and visualisation methods
Building information modelling and management
Building science, technologies and systems
Construction materials
Sustainable architecture
Industrial and product design
Architectural design

Research Objectives

Timber materials
Wood sawing and veneer
Conserving the historic environment
Wood products
Conserving intangible cultural heritage
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design
Expanding knowledge in engineering

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Collaborative urban design for stakeholder engagement in World Cultural Heritage conservation: a practical study in the context of the citadel wall in Huế, Vietnam
Displacement for conservation: one of the adverse impacts of cultural world heritage management in Hue, Vietnam
Effect of a water repellent treatment on moisture behavior of three Australian hardwoods: A preliminary report; The International Reserach Group on Wood Protection 2021
Effect of densification of Eucalyptus nitens and E. obliqua on moisture uptake, swelling, decay resistance, and fire performance; IRG Annual Meeting
Enhancing the durability of low durability Eucalyptus plantation species: A review of strategies; The International Research Group on Wood Protection
Increasing the Durability, and Other Material Characteristics of Tasmanian Hardwoods
New Methods of Reliably Demonstrating Species Durability in Commercially Relevant Time Frames
Optimising the Adhesive Performance of Engineered Wood Products Made from Tasmanian Plantation Hardwood
The Tasmanian women making waves in the built environment
The ĎAceh Methodí: archiving the endangered languages of vernacular architecture; International Journal of Intangible Heritage
Timber durability study

Research Projects

Developing a New Generation of Tasmanian Appearance Hardwood Products for In-State Design and Manufacturing; FWPA - National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (FWPA - NIFPI)
Developing Laminated structural elements from fibre-managed plantation hardwood; FWPA - National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (FWPA - NIFPI)
Increasing the durability and other material characteristics of Tasmanian hardwoods; FWPA - National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (FWPA - NIFPI)
New methods of reliably demonstrating species durability in commercially relevant timeframes.; FWPA - National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (FWPA - NIFPI)
Optimising the adhesive performance of mass timber products made from fibre-managed Eucalyptus nitens; Forest & Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA)
Sensing technology and digital tools to support decision-making in hardwood timber drying; FWPA - National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (FWPA - NIFPI)

Research Candidate Supervision