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Researcher: Bowles, M (Dr Marcus Bowles)

Fields of Research

Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Transportation and Freight Services
Marine Engineering
Industrial and Organisational Psychology
Vocational Education and Training Curriculum and Pedagogy
Networking and Communications
Technical, Further and Workplace Education
Broadband and Modem Technology
Optical Fibre Communications
Educational Technology and Computing
Innovation and Technology Management
Human Resources Management
Education Systems
Organisational Behaviour
Ubiquitous Computing
Distributed Computing
Food Packaging, Preservation and Safety
Science, Technology and Engineering Curriculum and Pedagogy
Business Information Management (incl. Records, Knowledge and Information Management, and Intelligence)
Air Transportation and Freight Services
Ship and Platform Hydrodynamics
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Information and Knowledge Systems
Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety
Urban and Regional Studies (excl. Planning)
Urban and Regional Economics
Research, Science and Technology Policy
Data Communications
Interorganisational Information Systems and Web Services

Research Objectives

Management of Education and Training Systems
Communication Networks and Services
Water Transport
Passenger Water Transport
Information and Communication Services
Internet Hosting Services (incl. Application Hosting Services)
International Aid and Development
Teaching and Instruction Technologies
Learner and Learning Processes
Human Capital Issues
Education and Training Systems Policies and Development
Workforce Transition and Employment
Application Software Packages (excl. Computer Games)
Management and Leadership of Schools/Institutions
Law, Politics and Community Services
Nautical Equipment (excl. Yachts)
Food Safety
Intermodal Materials Handling
International Sea Freight Transport (excl. Live Animal Transport)
Education and Training Theory and Methodology
Injury Control
Mining and Extraction of Energy Resources
Occupational Health
Electronic Information Storage and Retrieval Services
Port Infrastructure and Management
Mobile Telephone Networks and Services
Workplace Safety
Fixed Line Telephone Networks and Services
Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing
Expanding Knowledge in the Information and Computing Sciences
Institutional Arrangements for Environmental Protection

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A comparison of marine pilots' planning and manoeuvring skills: Uncovering mental models to assess shiphandling and explore expertise; Journal of Navigation
A new classification model of disasters based on their logistics implications; 11th ANZAM Operations, Supply Chain and Services Management Symposium
An integrated approach to agility in humanitarian logistics; Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Australian seafarer skills shortage requires co-ordinated response; Shipping Australia
Australian seafarer skills shortage requires co-ordinated response; Shipping Australia
Authentic assessment in seafarer education: using literature review to investigate its validity and reliability through rubrics; WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs
Classifying logistics-relevant disasters: conceptual model and empirical illustration; Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Developing an integrated ICT competency framework: Debunking myths to posit a solution, Proceedings World Computer Congress, Brisbane; World Computer Congress Brisbane 2010
Developing organisational capabilities to support agility in humanitarian logistics: An exploratory study; Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Enhancing learning of mathematics in marine engineering across diverse students: Impact of real-time formative feedback; US-China Education Review
Field Validation of the Final Draft ICA10 Information Technology Training Package Qualifications and Units of Competency
How will nano-sensor technology affect logistics management; Journal of Convergence Information Technology
How will nanotechnology affect agricultural supply chains?; International Food and Agribusiness Management Review
Human Capability Development draft Manuscript; Marc Bowles and Heather Schoenheimer
Impact of the Digital Economy and the National Broadband Network on Skills
Improving the food safety in supply chain: The value of nanotechnology on a growing problem; Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops and Foods
Improving the validity and reliability of authentic assessment in seafarer education and training: a conceptual and practical framework to enhance resulting assessment outcomes; WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs
Investigating the strategic antecedents of agility in humanitarian logistics; Disasters
Investigative Research Report into making ICT - related Training Packages more flexible and relevant to young people
Leadership in Vocational Education and Training; Australian National Training Authority
Learning to E-learn Project: Rediscovering the Benefits of E-Learning; Malaysian Online Journal of Instructional Technology
Management of berths at sea for seafarer students; Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs
On a lookout beyond STCW: Seeking standards and context for the authentic assessment of seafarers; 15th Annual general assembly International Association of Maritime Universities
Potential application of nanotechnology in agricultural products logistics management; Journal of Convergence Information Technology
Realising the full socio-economic promise of the National Broadband Network in preparing all regions of Australia for participation in the Digital Economy; DEHub Monograph Series 2011
Relearning to E-learn : strategies for electronic learning and knowledge; Melbourne University Press
Removing the blinders: A literature review on the potential of nanoscale technologies for the management of supply chains; Technological Forecasting and Social Change: An International Journal of The Dargon Project
Review on nanotechnology in agricultural products logistics management; 8th International Conference on Computing and Networking Technology
Review on the application of nano-sensor technology to logistics management; 8th International Conference on Computing and Networking Technology
Reviewing human resources development strategies of merchant navy seafarers in South Africa and Australia; 15th Annual general assembly International Association of Maritime Universities
Reviewing seafarer assessment methods to determine the need for authentic assessment; Australian Journal of Maritime & Ocean Affairs
So just how many people are employed in the Australian maritime industry?; Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs
Supply chain agility in humanitarian protracted operations; Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management
The critical role of e-skills in raising NBN adoption and Australia's competitiveness in the global Digital Economy; Telecommunications Journal of Australia
The development of a shiphandling assessment tool (SAT): A methodology and an integrated approach to assess manoeuvring expertise in a full mission bridge simulator; 15th Annual general assembly International Association of Maritime Universities
The educational impact of the National Broadband Network: skills supply and participation in the digital economy, Key Note Presentation, Digital Economy and Innovation, Australian Computer Society:; Australian Computer Society Victorian Branch 2010 Conference
Using authentic assessment to enhance seafarer student engagement and their ability to transfer learning; 16th Annual General Assembly of the International Association of Maritime Universities

Research Projects

Engineering pathways for regional Australia:viable learning platforms built by knowledge partnering; Office for Learning & Teaching (OLT)
12-05 Digital Literacy - Workforce Development Applied Research Project
13-35 NBN Impact Research
Closed Loop Electronic Medicine Management (CLEMM) White Paper
Development of a Digital Futures capability or competency framework
eReadiness Audit Tool
Escan 2013 Industry Consultation Facilitator (Under 12-05 Digital Literacy Project)
Feasibility study into locating a ship lift facility at Bell Bay, Tasmania
Human Factors Interactions with Marine Pilots Competencies and Performances
IPM Safety Research Project
Skillsbook The Bank Account for Your Skills and Compliance Records

Research Candidate Supervision

A Framework for Authentic Assessment that Enhances Academic Performance in Seafarer Training
Effective University Leadership - Attributes, Behaviours, Challenges and Development- Key Predictors of Performance
Information asymmetry and air freight chain efficiency- issues for small businesses in the Australia-China retail import trades
Investigating the Role of Purchasinf Process in Restricting the Incursion of Counterfeit Components in the Industrial Supply Chain
Learning and Assessment Approaches for Diverse Student Cohorts within Marine (Seafaring) Engineering Programmes
Maritime Operations in Humanitarian Logistics.
Maritime Pilotage. The Development of Selection, Assessment and Training in Simulated and Integrated Bridge Environments