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Researcher: Kantvilas, G (Dr Gintaras Kantvilas)

Fields of Research

Plant and fungus systematics and taxonomy
Evolutionary biology
Plant biology
Phylogeny and comparative analysis
Landscape ecology
Australian history

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Other environmental management
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Understanding Australia's past
Native forests

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Arthonia banksiae (lichenised Ascomycota) and its synonyms; Muelleria
Cameronia (lichenized Ascomycetes), a remarkable new alpine genus from Tasmania; The Lichenologist: An International Journal
Lecanora coppinsiarum, a new Tasmanian lichen related to Lecanora symmicta; The Lichenologist: An International Journal
Verrucaria alborimosa, a new maritime lichen from Flinders Island, Tasmania; Muelleria
Mycoblastus sinensis, a new lichen species from China; Journal of Japanese Botany
Additions to the genus Trapelia (Trapeliaceae: lichenised Ascomycetes); Australian Systematic Botany
Early impacts of disturbance on lichens, mosses and liverworts in Tasmania’s wet eucalypt production forests; Australian Forestry
Floristic Composition of Cool Temperate Rainforest; Vegetation of Tasmania
Further additions to the lichen genus Ramboldia (Lecanoraceae) from Australia; Muelleria
Further new species of Menegazzia (Parmeliaceae, Lecanorales); The Lichenologist: An International Journal
Janet Somerville's Botanical History of Tasmania 1642-1820; University of Tasmania and Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Lichens and bryophytes in Tasmanian wet eucalypt forest: floristics, conservation and ecology; Phytotaxa: a rapid international journal for accelerating the publication of botanical taxonomy
Morphological and molecular evidence places Maronina into synonymy with Protoparmelia (Ascomycota: Lecanorales); Lichenologist: An International Journal
New species of the genus Rimularia Nyl. from Tasmania; The Lichenologist: An International Journal
Non-Vascular Plants; Vegetation of Tasmania
One hundred new species of lichenized fungi: A signature of undiscovered global diversity; Phytotaxa
Reappraisal of the genera of Megalosporaceae (Teloschistales, Ascomycota); Australian Systematic Botany
The genus Menegazzia (Lecanorales: Parmeliaceae) in Tasmania revisited; The Lichenologist: An International Journal
The lichen genera Japewia and Japewiella in Australia; Muelleria
The lichen genus Lecidella (Lecanoraceae), with special reference to the Tasmanian species; Muelleria
The Miena Cider Gum, Eucalyptus gunnii Subsp. divaricata (Myrtaceae): A Taxon in Rapid Decline; Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
Validation of three new species of Lecidella from Australia; Muelleria

Research Projects

The History of the Tasmanian Botany; Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment (DTAE)

Research Candidate Supervision