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Researcher: McGlashan, ND (Dr Neil McGlashan)

Fields of Research

Oncology and carcinogenesis
Human geography
Health services and systems
Occupational and workplace health and safety
Tumour immunology
Mineralogy and crystallography
Clinical chemistry (incl. diagnostics)
Archaeology of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant
Economic geography

Research Objectives

Clinical health
Occupational health
Other health
Macro labour market issues
Social structure and health
Health related to specific ethnic groups
Disease distribution and transmission (incl. surveillance and response)
Other environmental management
Understanding Europe's past
Expanding knowledge in human society
Horticultural crops
Public health (excl. specific population health)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

1803-1853 Womens Images of Van Diemen's Land; Rappresentazioni e pratiche dello spazio in una prospettiva storico-geografica
A century of migrant labour in the gold mines of South Africa; Journal of the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
A Survey of Goiter Morbidity in Ban Mae Toen, Northwest Thailand; Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health
A thirty-three year epidemiological record of cancers among the black gold mine workers of Southern Africa; European Journal of Oncology
Aspects of the fatal malignant disease among the Tasmanian devil population (Sarcophilus laniarius); European Journal of Oncology
Assessing Cancer Risks in the Mining Labour Forces of Southern Africa; National Occupation and Safety Conference
Cancer among the black labour force of the platinum group metals and the gold mining industries in South Africa, 1989-96; European Journal of Oncology
Cancer in black gold miners, 1980-89 and 1990-94: the Chamber of Mines of South Africa's records of cancer; South African Journal of Science
Changes in the geographical and temporal patterns of cancer incidence among black gold miners working in South Africa, 1964-1996; British Journal of Cancer
Contrasts of cancer rates among black gold miners from Transkei and Lesotho; South African Journal of Science
Half a Century of Medical Geography 1956-2006, One man's view; GeoHealth 2006: Methods in Practice
In search of the Bishop of Salisbury's Manor in Potterne; Wiltshire Studies: The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine
L'idea di Wilderness in Tasmania; L'Australia Oltre Il 2000
Research priorities in the Tasmanian devil facial tumour debate; European Journal of Oncology
Researching the Tasmanian Devil Facial Turmour; Australian Veterinary Journal
Significant decline of hepatocellular carcinoma from 1964 to 1996 in black gold miners from Mozambique working in South Africa; South African Journal of Science
South Africa's Export Trade in Asbestos: Demise of an Industry; American Journal of Industrial Medicine
The geo-epidemiology of hepatocellular and oesophageal carcinomas in Southern Africa using gold mining industry records; Occupational Health Southern Africa
The Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease (D.F.T.D.) - a problem unresolved; 2005 Regional Scientific meeting and 2nd Workshop on Parasitology Identification: From Hobart to Harare - Tropical medicine in times of conflict and disasters
Update on the devil facial tumour in Tasmania; European Journal of Oncology

Research Projects

SIDS and maternal seleno-enzyme deficiency. A proposal to test the hypothetical relationship; SIDS Foundation SA (SIDSSA)

Research Candidate Supervision