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Researcher: Thompson, SS (Dr Sarah Thompson)

Fields of Research

Electrical and electromagnetic methods in geophysics
Photogrammetry and remote sensing
Natural hazards

Research Objectives

Natural hazards
Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Effects of climate change on Antarctic and sub-Antarctic environments (excl. social impacts)
Climate change mitigation strategies

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A conceptual model of supra-glacial lake formation on debris-covered glaciers based on GPR facies analysis; Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
A rapidly growing moraine-dammed glacial lake on Ngozumpa Glacier, Nepal; Geomorphology
Anatomy of terminal moraine segments and implied lake stability on Ngozumpa Glacier, Nepal, from electrical resistivity tomography (ERT); Scientific Reports
Book review: Climate Change, Glacier Response, and Vegetation Dynamics in the Himalaya: Contributions toward Future Earth Initiatives
Bulk meltwater flow and liquid water content of snowpacks mapped using the electrical self-potential (SP) method; Cryosphere
Comparing satellite and helicopter-based methods for observing crevasses, application in East Antarctica; Cold Regions Science and Technology
Heat and groundwater transport between the Antarctic Ice Sheet and subglacial sedimentary basins from electromagnetic geophysical measurements; SEG International Exposition and 89th Annual Meeting
Integrated electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and self-potential (SP) techniques for assessing hydrological processes within glacial lake moraine dams; Journal of Glaciology
Response of debris-covered glaciers in the Mount Everest region to recent warming, and implications for outburst flood hazards; Earth Science Reviews
Seawater softening of suture zones inhibits fracture propagation in Antarctic ice shelves; Nature Communications
Stagnation and mass loss on a Himalayan debris-covered glacier: processes, patterns and rates; Journal of Glaciology
Structure and evolution of the drainage system of a Himalayan debris-covered glacier, and its relationship with patterns of mass loss; Cryosphere
Using structure-from-motion to create glacier DEMs and orthoimagery from historical terrestrial and oblique aerial imagery; Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision