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Researcher: McNaughton, LR (Professor Lars McNaughton)

Fields of Research

Medical physiology
Health services and systems
Systems physiology
Other education
Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences
Protein trafficking
Other commerce, management, tourism and services
Exercise physiology
Primary health care
Nutrition and dietetics

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Other health
Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
Other education and training
Clinical health
Expanding knowledge in human society

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A comparison of two different shuttle run tests for the estimation of VO2max; Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
Aerobic training and its effect on plasma ammonia concentrations in moderately trained individuals; New Zealand Journal of Sports Medicine
An investigation into the fitness levels of Tasmanian primary school children; The ACHPER Healthy Lifestyles Journal
An investigation into the fitness levels of Tasmanian primary school children; ACHPER Journal
Circadian Rhythms Have No Effect on Cycling Performance; International Journal of Sports Medicine
Effect of a 4 week training program using vVO2max and Tmax on performance in middle distance athletes; Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
Effect of Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion on High Intensity Exercise in Moderately Trained Women; Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Effects of differing pedalling speeds on the power-duration relationship of high intensity cycle ergometry; International Journal of Sports Medicine
Exercise Choices of Retired Australian Weightlifters; Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Fitness Levels and Motoric Skills of Tasmanian School Children; University of Tasmania Press
Fundamental Movement Patterns in Tasmanian Primary School Children; Perceptual and Motor Skills
The effects of branched chain amino acid supplementation on indicators of muscle damage after prolonged exercise; Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

Research Projects

A new and innovative method for establishing the Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) - the Metabolic Threshold (MAT); University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Effects of intensity of exercise on blood lactate, plasma ammonia and plasma alamine and leucine concentrations; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

Biomechanical changes involved with high intensity treadmill training
Examining the relationship between aerodynamics vs. physiological efficiency in cycling
The correlation between assertive behaviour and home/away games in CBA basketball.
TITLE- The Effects of Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplementation on Indicators of Muscle Damage after Prolonged Strenuous Exercise