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Researcher: Amin, M (Dr Muhammad Bilal Amin)

Fields of Research

Distributed systems and algorithms
Knowledge representation and reasoning
Health informatics and information systems
Cyberphysical systems and internet of things
Data engineering and data science
Software architecture
Pattern recognition
Information retrieval and web search
Applications in life sciences
Modelling and simulation
Natural language processing
Supply chains
Autonomous agents and multiagent systems
Mobile computing
Data security and protection
Artificial intelligence
Image and video coding
System and network security
Distributed computing and systems software
Separation science
Human-computer interaction
Networking and communications
Data mining and knowledge discovery
Human impacts of climate change and human adaptation
Artificial life and complex adaptive systems
Cloud computing
Programming languages
Recommender systems
Animal reproduction and breeding
Satisfiability and optimisation
Education systems
Software and application security
Information systems
Intelligent robotics

Research Objectives

Information systems, technologies and services
Applied computing
Artificial intelligence
Computer systems
Communication technologies, systems and services
Application software packages
Information services
Human-computer interaction
Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Electronic information storage and retrieval services
Energy services and utilities
Energy efficiency
Environmental education and awareness
Other health
National security
Emerging defence technologies
Injury prevention and control
Aquaculture oysters
Air quality
Teaching and instruction technologies
Expanding knowledge in the information and computing sciences
Digital humanities
Other information and communication services

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A context-aware information-based clone node attack detection scheme in Internet of Things; Journal of Network and Computer Applications
A formally verified blockchain-based decentralised authentication scheme for the internet of things; Journal of Supercomputing
A taxonomy study on securing Blockchain-based Industrial applications: an overview, application perspectives, requirements, attacks, countermeasures, and open issues; Journal of Industrial Information Integration
An adaptive semantic based mediation system for data interoperability among health information systems; Journal of Medical Systems
An innovative platform for person-centric health and wellness support; 3rd International Conference, IWBBIO 2015, Proceedings, Part II
Behavior life style analysis for mobile sensory data in cloud computing through MapReduce; Sensors
Change-aware scheduling for effectively updating linked open data caches; IEEE Access
Clinically harmonized wellness concepts model for health and wellness services; IEEE Access
Correlating health and wellness analytics for personalized decision making; 2015 17th International Conference on E-health Networking, Application & Services (HealthCom 2015)
Evaluating large-scale biomedical ontology matching over parallel platforms; IETE Technical Review
Gaussian process for predicting CPU utilization and its application to energy efficiency; Applied Intelligence
Health Fog: a novel framework for health and wellness applications; Journal of Supercomputing
Hierarchical topic modeling with Pose-transition feature for action recognition using 3D skeleton data; Information Sciences
Human behavior analysis by means of multimodal context mining; Sensors
iCBLS: an interactive cased-based learning system for medical education; International Journal of Medical Informatics
Method and apparatus for improving efficiency of a cloud platform based on node usage
Mining minds: an innovative framework for personalized health and wellness support; 9th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (Pervasive Health)
Mining minds: journey of evolutionary platform for ubiquitous wellness; 12th International Conference on Ubiquitous Healthcare (u-Healthcare2015)
Object-oriented and ontology-alignment patterns-based expressive Mediation Bridge Ontology (MBO); Journal of Information Science
On computing critical factors based healthy behavior index for behavior assessment; International Journal of Medical Informatics
On curating multimodal sensory data for health and wellness platforms; Sensors
Performance evaluation of Hyperledger Fabric-enabled framework for pervasive peer-to-peer energy trading in smart Cyber–Physical Systems; Future Generation Computer Systems
Performance-based ontology matching: a data-parallel approach for an effectiveness-independent performance-gain in ontology matching; Applied Intelligence
Personalization of wellness recommendations using contextual interpretation; Expert Systems With Applications
Personalized-detailed clinical model for data interoperability among clinical standards; Telemedicine and e-Health
Profiling-based energy-aware recommendation system for cloud platforms; International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications (CSA 2014) - Ubiquitous Information Technologies
QoE optimization for HTTP adaptive streaming: performance evaluation of MEC-assisted and client-based methods; Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
Selective bit embedding scheme for robust blind color image watermarking; Information Sciences
SPHeRe; Journal of Supercomputing
The Intelligent Medical Platform: A novel dialogue-based platform for health-care services; Computer
The Mining Minds digital health and wellness framework; BioMedical Engineering Online
Towards a formal modelling, analysis and verification of a clone node attack detection scheme in the internet of things; Computer Networks
Towards interconnected blockchains: a comprehensive review of the role of interoperability among disparate blockchains; ACM Computing Survey
Towards interoperable blockchains: a survey on the role of smart contracts in blockchain interoperability; IEEE Access
Towards secure fog computing: A survey on trust management, privacy, authentication, threats and access control; Electronics
Towards user-centric intervention adaptiveness: influencing behavior-context based healthy lifestyle interventions; IEEE Access

Research Projects

Agricultural Innovation Hubs Program; Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment (DAWE)
Developing the tools and articulating the value proposition for genomic selection in Pacific oyster selective breeding; Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC)
Drought Resilience Tasmania - Actionable Knowledge and Solutions for Sustainable Prosperity; Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment (DAWE)
Investigation into Dynamic Reallocation of Computing Resources; Lockheed Martin Australia Pty Ltd (LMA)
Sustainable Knowledge Model Towards Responsible AI; CSIRO-Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Smart Operation of the Greyscan ETD 100 in Laboratory User Interface Mode
Virtual Database for Antarctic Data Management
Virtual Database for Cloud-Based Data Services study

Research Candidate Supervision