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Researcher: Ettelaei, A (Ms Azin Ettelaei)

Fields of Research

Structural engineering
Timber engineering
Sustainable architecture
Architectural science and technology
Building science, technologies and systems
Timber, pulp and paper

Research Objectives

Timber materials
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design
Civil construction design
Wood products

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Assessment of different measurement methods/techniques in predicting modulus of elasticity of plantation eucalyptus nitens timber for structural purposes; Forests
Evaluation of the bending properties of novel cross-laminated timber with different configurations made of Australian plantation Eucalyptus nitens using experimental and theoretical methods; Structures
Optimising the Adhesive Performance of Engineered Wood Products Made from Tasmanian Plantation Hardwood
Prediction of modulus of elasticity of poplar wood using ultrasonic technique by applying empirical correction factors; Measurement
Rolling shear properties of cross-laminated timber made from Australian plantation Eucalyptus nitens under planar shear test; Forests
Rolling shear properties of cross-laminated timber made of fibre-managed plantation eucalyptus under short-span bending; Wood Material Science and Engineering
Structural properties of Commercial Australian Plantation Hardwood CLT; Buildings

Research Projects

Optimising the adhesive performance of mass timber products made from fibre-managed Eucalyptus nitens; Forest & Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA)

Research Candidate Supervision