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Researcher: Berger, P (Mr Peter Berger)

Fields of Research

Carbon sequestration science
Computational modelling and simulation in earth sciences
Isotope geochemistry

Research Objectives

Management of greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation
Mining and extraction of energy resources
Carbon capture and storage
Management of greenhouse gas emissions from energy activities

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Carbon sequestration at the Illinois Basin-Decatur Project: experimental results and geochemical simulations of storage; Environmental Earth Sciences
Mobilization of trace metals from caprock and formation rocks at the Illinois Basin - Decatur Project demonstration site under geological carbon dioxide sequestration conditions; Chemical Geology
Modeling geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide in a deep saline carbonate reservoir with TOUGH2-ChemPlugin, a new tool for reactive transport modeling; Environmental Geosciences
Sensitivity thresholds of groundwater parameters for detecting CO2 leakage at a geologic carbon sequestration site; Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Simulation and sensitivity of isotopic alteration and vein development in carbonate rock formations; Journal of Geochemical Exploration

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision