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Researcher: Auty, J (Dr Jack Auty)

Fields of Research

Innate immunity
Neurology and neuromuscular diseases
Marine and estuarine ecology (incl. marine ichthyology)
Respiratory diseases
Animal physiology - systems
Medical biochemistry - inorganic elements and compounds
Cell physiology
Ecological physiology
Systems physiology
Cellular interactions (incl. adhesion, matrix, cell wall)
Cellular nervous system
Animal physiological ecology
Conservation and biodiversity
Animal immunology

Research Objectives

Clinical health
Treatment of human diseases and conditions
Marine biodiversity
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Expanding knowledge in the biomedical and clinical sciences
Health related to ageing
Prevention of human diseases and conditions
Terrestrial biodiversity
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Anti-inflammatories in Alzheimer's disease-potential therapy or spurious correlate?; Brain Communications
Dynamic interactions and intracellular fate of label-free, thin graphene oxide sheets within mammalian cells: Role of lateral sheet size; Nanoscale Advances
Fenamate NSAIDs inhibit the NLRP3 inflammasome and protect against Alzheimer's disease in rodent models; Nature Communications
Inflammasomes as therapeutic targets for Alzheimer's disease; Brain Pathology
Plastic debris increases circadian temperature extremes in beach sediments; Journal of Hazardous Materials
Potassium efflux fires the canon: Potassium efflux as a common trigger for canonical and noncanonical NLRP3 pathways; European journal of immunology
Redefining the ancestral origins of the interleukin-1 superfamily; Nature Communications
Small, Thin Graphene Oxide Is Anti-inflammatory Activating Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-Related Factor 2 via Metabolic Reprogramming; ACS nano
Sublethal consequences of plastic exposure in seabirds; EnviSMART Conference free public event
Zinc status alters Alzheimer's disease progression through NLRP3-dependent inflammation; Journal of Neuroscience

Research Projects

Are microplastics causing inflammation in seabirds?; Australian Wildlife Society (AWSoc)
Building a complete understanding of how microplastics affect the physiology of wildlife; Pure Ocean (PureOcean)
The role of particle size in the pathogenesis of engineered stone-associated accelerated silicosis; Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)

Research Candidate Supervision