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Researcher: Hutchinson, J (Dr Joseph Hutchinson)

Fields of Research

Separation science
Pharmaceutical sciences
Atmospheric composition, chemistry and processes
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
Agricultural biotechnology
Health services and systems
Causes and prevention of crime
Instrumental methods (excl. immunological and bioassay methods)

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the chemical sciences
Clinical health
Air quality
Other health
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Scientific instruments
Health related to ageing
Human pharmaceutical treatments
Law enforcement
Public health (excl. specific population health)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A simple capillary electrophoresis method for the rapid separation and determination of intact low molecular weight and unfractionated heparins; Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
Aerosol-Based Detectors in Liquid Chromatography: Approaches Toward Universal Detection and to Global Analysis; Charged Aerosol Detection for Liquid Chromatography and Related Separation Techniques
Automation of solid-phase microextraction; Journal of Separation Science
Automation of solid-phase microextraction on a 96-well plate format; Journal of Chromatography A
Biogenic volatile organic compounds in the ambient air and plant emissions of a Tasmanian native forest, and the relationship between emission rates and essential oil content; Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
Capillary electrophoresis of neurotransmitters using in-line solid-phase extraction and preconcentration using a methacrylate-based weak cation-exchange monolithic stationary phase and a pH step gradient; Journal of Chromatography A
Comparison of the response of four aerosol detectors used with ultra high pressure liquid chromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Determination of pharmaceutically related compounds by suppressed ion chromatography: IV. Interfacing ion chromatography with universal detectors; The Journal of Chromatography A
Effects of eluent temperature and elution bandwidth on detection response for aerosol-based detectors; Journal of Chromatography A
Glycan profiling of monoclonal antibodies using zwitterionic-type hydrophilic interaction chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry detection; Analytical Biochemistry: Methods in The Biological Sciences
Identification of homemade inorganic explosives by ion chromatographic analysis of post-blast residues; Journal of Chromatography A
Identification of Inorganic Improvised Explosive Devices by Analysis of Postblast Residues Using Portable Capillary Electrophoresis Instrumentation and Indirect Photometric Detection with a Light-Emitting Diode; Analytical Chemistry
Identification of inorganic ions in post-blast explosive residues using portable CE instrumentation and capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection; Electrophoresis
Indirect photometric detection of anions in nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis employing Orange G as probe and a light-emitting diode-based detector; Electrophoresis
Investigation of polar organic solvents compatible with Corona Charged Aerosol Detection and their use for the determination of sugars by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography; Analytica Chimica Acta: International Journal Devoted to All Branches of Analytical Chemistry
Ion exchange chromatographic separation and isolation of oligosaccharides of intact low-molecular-weight heparin for the determination of their anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties; Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Ion-Exchange Preconcentration for Capillary Electrophoresis with Elution Using a Transient-Isotachophoretic Gradient: Can the Method Work for Transparent Ions?; IICS 2001
Latex-Coated Polymeric Monolithic Ion-Exchange Stationary Phases. 1. Anion-Exchange Capillary Electrochromatography and In-Line Sample Preconcentration in Capillary Electrophoresis; Analytical Chemistry
Latex-Coated Polymeric Monolithic Ion-Exchange Stationary Phases. 2. Micro-ion Chromatography; Analytical Chemistry
Micellar electrokinetic chromatography of organic and peroxide-based explosives; Analytica Chimica Acta
Miniaturized movable contactless conductivity detection cell for capillary electrophoresis; Electrophoresis
On-line preconcentration of organic anions in capillary electrophoresis by solid-phase extraction using latex-coated monolithic stationary phases; Journal of Chromatography A
On-line simultaneous and rapid separation of anions and cations from a single sample using dual-capillary sequential injection-capillary electrophoresis; Analytica Chimica Acta
Preparation and characterisation of anion-exchange latex-coated silica monoliths for capillary electrochromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Profiling the chemical composition of explosives; Chemistry in Australia
Selective extraction and elution of weak bases by in-line solid-phase extraction capillary electrophoresis using a pH step gradient and a weak cation-exchange monolith; The Analyst
Silica nanoparticle-templated methacrylic acid monoliths for in-line solid-phase extraction-capillary electrophoresis of basic analytes; Journal of Chromatography A
Stability of diluted iron polymaltose in PVC infusion bags; Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research
Towards high capacity latex-coated porous polymer monoliths as ion-exchange stationary phases; Analyst
Universal response model for a corona charged aerosol detector ; Journal of Chromatography A
Use of coupled open-tubular capillaries for in-line ion-exchange preconcentration of anions by capillary electrochromatography with elution by a transient isotachophoretic gradient; Journal of Chromatography A

Research Projects

Development of a Simple and Effective Ion-chromatagraphic Analysis for the Separation and Identification of Non-anticoagulant fractions of Enoxaparin; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Investigation into Capillary Electrophoresis ...... as a suitable method for pharmacokinetics of PG547; Progen Industries Ltd (PROGEN)
Non-discriminatory, Universal and Sensitive Detection Technologies for Fluid Based Separation Techniques in the Pharmaceutical Industry; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Portable Multiplexed Electrophoretic and Chromatographic Systems for the Detection and Identification of Explosives; Dept of Prime Minister & Cabinet (DPMC)

Research Candidate Supervision

Anti-Asthmatic Activity of Heparin
Non-Discriminating, Universal and Sensitive Detection Techniques for Fluid-Based Separation Techniques
Therapeutic Potential of Heparin in the Management of Ulcerative Colitis