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Researcher: Deegan, CM (Mr Craig Deegan)

Fields of Research

Accounting theory and standards
Sustainability accounting and reporting
Auditing and accountability
Corporate governance
Environment and resource economics
Accounting, auditing and accountability
Financial accounting
Human rights and justice issues (excl. law)
Environmental assessment and monitoring
Higher education
Economics, business and management curriculum and pedagogy
Financial economics
Environmental engineering

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Administration and business support services
Other health
Environmentally sustainable information and communication services
Environmentally sustainable construction activities
Other commercial services and tourism
Environmental policy, legislation and standards
Management of gaseous waste from energy activities (excl. greenhouse gases)
Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems
Hydrogen production from renewable energy
Expanding knowledge in the chemical sciences
Expanding knowledge in economics
Expanding knowledge in education
Management and productivity
Renewable energy

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Accounting for contaminated sites: how transparent are Australian companies?; Australian Accounting Review
Accounting research: an Australasian perspective; Social accounting, mega accounting and beyond: a festschrift in honour of M.R. Mathews
An examination of the corporate social and environmental disclosures of BHP From 1983 – 1997: A Test of legitimacy theory; Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
An exploration of NGO and media efforts to influence workplace practices and associated accountability within global supply chains; The British Accounting Review
An Introduction and evaluation of Legitimacy Theory; Methodological Issues in Accounting Research: Theories and Methods
An Introduction to Accounting: Accountability in Organisations and Society; Cengage Learning Australia Pty Limited
An investigation of TBL report assurance statements: Australian evidence; Australian Accounting Review
An investigation of TBL report assurance statements: UK and European evidence; Managerial Auditing Journal
An overview of legitimacy theory as applied within the social and environmental accounting literature; Sustainability accounting and accountability
Analysis of corporate social disclosures of the apparel industry following crisis: an institutional approach; Accounting & Finance
Calculating non‐controlling interest in the presence of goodwill impairment; Accounting Research Journal
Corporate climate change‐related governance practices and related disclosures: evidence from Australia; Australian Accounting Review
Corporate commitment to sustainability - is it all hot air? An Australian review of the linkage between executive pay and sustainable performance; Australian Accounting Review
Corporate disclosure reactions to Australia’s first national emission reporting scheme; Accounting and Finance
Corporate human rights performance and moral power: A study of retail MNCs’ supply chains in Bangladesh; Critical Perspectives on Accounting
Corporate social and environment‐related governance disclosure practices in the textile and garment Industry: evidence from a developing country; Australian Accounting Review
Corporate social responsibilities: alternative perspectives about the need to legislate; Journal of Business Ethics
Demand for, and impediments to, the disclosure of information about climate change-related corporate governance practices; Accounting and Business Research
Environmental costing in capital investment decisions: electricity distributions and the choice of power poles; Australian Accounting Review
Environmental disclosures and share prices - a discussion about efforts to study this relationship; Accounting Forum
Environmental management accounting and environmental accountability within universities: current practice and future potential; Environmental management accounting for cleaner production
Environmental management accounting: an overview and application of the concept; Handbook of Cost and Management Accounting
Financial Accounting; McGraw-Hill Education (Australia) Pty Ltd
Finding information about contaminated sites in Australia: there has to be a better way; Environmental and Planning Law Journal
Global expectations and their association with corporate social disclosure practices in Australia, Singapore, and South Korea; The International Journal of Accounting
Introduction: the legitimising effect of social and environmental disclosures – a theoretical foundation; Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
Legitimacy theory; Methodological issues in accounting research : theories, methods and issues
Legitimacy theory: Despite its enduring popularity and contribution, time is right for a necessary makeover; Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
Lost in translation: Institutionalised logic and the problematisation of accounting for injury; Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
Media pressures and corporate disclosure of social responsibility performance information: a study of two global clothing and sports retail companies; Accounting and Business Research
Motivations for an organisation within a developing country to report social responsibility information: evidence from Bangladesh; Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
Motivations for environmental collaboration within the building and construction industry; Managerial Auditing Journal
Organisational legitimacy as a motive for sustainability reporting; Sustainability accounting and accountability
So, who really is a “noted author” within the accounting literature? A reflection on Bensonet al (2015); Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
Social accounting research: an Australasian perspective; Accounting Forum
Social compliance audits and multinational corporation supply chain: evidence from a study of the rituals of social audits; Accounting and Business Research
Stakeholder influence on corporate reporting: an exploration of the interaction between WWF-Australia and the Australian minerals industry; Accounting, Organizations and Society
The <IR> Framework: An example of what unfortunately happens when people who fail to comprehend the meaning of ‘accountability’ take control of an important reporting initiative; The Routledge Handbook of Integrated Reporting
The <IR> Framework: An example of what unfortunately happens when people who fail to comprehend the meaning of ‘accountability’ take control of an important reporting initiative; The Routledge Handbook of Integrated Reporting
The accountant will have a central role in saving the planet … really? A reflection on ‘green accounting and green eyeshades twenty years later’; Critical Perspectives on Accounting
The changing trends of corporate social and environmental disclosure within the Australian gambling industry; Accounting and Finance
Twenty five years of social and environmental accounting research within Critical Perspectives of Accounting: Hits, misses and ways forward; Critical Perspectives on Accounting

Research Projects

Developing an Accountability Framework for Stakeholders in the Seasonal Work Area; Accounting & Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Ltd (AFAANZ)
Risks & Opportunities for the Blue Economy; Blue Economy CRC Co (BECRC)
Sporting Personalities and Charities in Australia - A Question of Accountability?; Accounting & Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Ltd (AFAANZ)

Research Candidate Supervision