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Researcher: Chuah, S (Professor Swee-Hoon Chuah)

Fields of Research

Experimental Economics
Microeconomic Theory

Research Objectives

Preference, Behaviour and Welfare

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Study of Gamer Experience and Virtual World Behaviour; Interacting With Computers
Chinese values and negotiation behaviour: A bargaining experiment; International Business Review
Conflict, ethnicity and gender: A money-burning field experiment in Indonesia; Economics Letters
Demonstrability, difficulty and persuasion: An experimental study of advice taking; The Journal of Economic Psychology
Determinants of Friendship in Social Networking Virtual Worlds; Communications of the Association for Information Systems
Elicitation effects in a multi-stage bargaining experiment; Experimental Economics
How user personality and social value orientation influence avatar-mediated friendship; Information Technology and People
Information Richness and Trust in V-Commerce: Implications for Services Marketing; Journal of Services Marketing
Is knowledge curse or blessing in pure coordination problems?; Theory and Decision
Is Knowledge Cursed When Forecasting the Forecasts of Others?; The Journal of Behavioral Finance
Is there a Spirit of Overseas Chinese Capitalism?; Small Business Economics
Perceived intentionality in 2x2 experimental games; Bulletin of Economic Research
Religion, discrimination and trust across three cultures; European Economic Review
Religion, ethnicity and cooperation: An experimental study; The Journal of Economic Psychology
Skilled players cooperate less in multi-player games; Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds
The Influence of Influence: The Effect of Task Repetition on Persuaders and Persuadees; Decision Support Systems
Virtual Economic Experiments; Social Interactions in Virtual Worlds

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision