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Researcher: Liu, K (Dr Ke Liu)

Fields of Research

Agricultural systems analysis and modelling
Sustainable agricultural development
Genetically modified field crops and pasture
Agricultural land planning
Agricultural production systems simulation
Agricultural management of nutrients
Agricultural land management
Carbon sequestration science
Crop and pasture biochemistry and physiology
Agrochemicals and biocides (incl. application)
Agricultural hydrology
Farm management, rural management and agribusiness
Agricultural biotechnology diagnostics (incl. biosensors)
Germplasm management
Crop and pasture waste water use
Reinforcement learning

Research Objectives

Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Management of greenhouse gas emissions from plant production
Rehabilitation or conservation of fresh, ground and surface water environments
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change
Management of water consumption by plant production
Carbon capture and storage
Evaluation, allocation, and impacts of land use
Climatological hazards (e.g. extreme temperatures, drought and wildfires)
Climate change mitigation strategies
Aquaculture crustaceans (excl. rock lobster and prawns)
Cotton lint and cotton seed
Terrestrial biodiversity

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A paradigm shift towards beneficial microbes enhancing the efficiency of organic and inorganic nitrogen sources for a sustainable environment; Land
Advancing place-based crop modelling for global adaptation to crop waterlogging; Nature Community
Beneficial elements: New Players in improving nutrient use efficiency and abiotic stress tolerance; Plant Growth Regulation
Biochar optimizes wheat quality, yield, and nitrogen acquisition in low fertile calcareous soil treated with organic and mineral nitrogen fertilizers; Frontiers in Plant Science
Biosynthetic pathways of triterpenoids and strategies to improve their biosynthetic efficiency; Plant Growth Regulation
Climate change shifts forward flowering and reduces crop waterlogging stress; Environmental Research Letters
Comparative efficacy of phosphorous supplements with phosphate solubilizing bacteria for optimizing wheat yield in calcareous soils; Scientific Reports
Crop ideotypes for superior yield gains under a climate crisis; Proceedings of the Second International Wheat Congress
Crop traits enabling yield gains under more frequent extreme climatic events; Science of The Total Environment
Cropland carbon stocks driven by soil characteristics, rainfall and elevation; Science of The Total Environment
Cropland carbon stocks driven by soil characteristics, rainfall and elevation; The Science of The Total Environment: An International Journal for Scientific Research Into The Environment and Its Relationship With Man
Designing high-yielding wheat crops under late sowing: a case study in southern China; Agronomy for Sustainable Development
Drought tolerant maize hybrids have higher yields and lower water use under drought conditions at a regional scale; Agricultural Water Management: An International Journal
Earlier crop flowering caused by global warming alleviated by irrigation; Environmental Research Letters
Evaluating the impact of Nitrogen Application on growth and productivity of Maize under control conditions; Frontiers in Plant Science
Evaluating the resistance mechanism of Atriplex leucoclada (Orache) to salt and water stress; a potential crop for biosaline agriculture; Frontiers in Plant Science
Farm-scale practical strategies to reduce carbon footprint and emergy while increasing economic benefits in crop production in the North China plain; Journal of Cleaner Production
Field distribution characteristics and influencing factors of crayfish in rice-crayfish integrative system; Aquaculture: An International Journal Devoted to Fundamental Aquatic Food Resources
Genetic factors increasing barley grain yields under soil waterlogging; Food and Energy Security
Greater propensity to photosynthesize enables superior grain quality of Indica–japonica hybrid rice under shading; Agronomy
Higher radiation use efficiency and photosynthetic characteristics after flowering could alleviate the yield loss of Indica‐Japonica hybrid rice under shading stress; International Journal of Plant Production
How does crop rotation influence soil moisture, mineral nitrogen and nitrogen-use efficiency?; Frontiers in Plant Science
Identifying effective agricultural management practices for climate change adaptation and mitigation: A win-win strategy in south-eastern Australia; Agricultural Systems
Identifying optimal sowing and flowering periods for barley in Australia: a modelling approach; Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
Integrated crop management practices improve grain yield and resource use efficiency of super hybrid rice; Frontiers in Plant Science
Integrated management approaches enabling sustainable rice production under alternate wetting and drying irrigation; Agricultural Water Management
iTRAQ proteomic analysis of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes differing in waterlogging tolerance; Frontiers in Plant Science
Lack of terminal water or heat stress facilitates later optimal flowering periods for barley in Australia; 20th Agronomy Australia Conference
Modelling waterlogging impacts on crop growth: A review of aeration stress definition in crop models and sensitivity analysis of APSIM; International Journal of Plant Biology
New frontiers in understanding and modeling waterlogging impacts on plants; 24th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM2021)
Optimized management practices synergistically improved grain yield and nitrogen use efficiency by enhancing post-heading carbon and nitrogen metabolism in super hybrid rice; Agronomy
Optimizing crop rotation increases soil carbon and reduces GHG emissions without sacrificing yields; Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment
Over-optimistic projected future wheat yield potential in the North China Plain: the role of future climate extremes; Agronomy
Physiological and molecular responses of wheat to low light intensity; Agronomy
Rice paddies reduce subsequent yields of wheat due to physical and chemical soil constraints; Frontiers in Plant Science
Shifting rice cropping systems mitigates ecological footprints and enhances grain yield in central China; Frontiers in Plant Science
Silver lining to a climate crisis in multiple prospects for alleviating crop waterlogging under future climates; Nature Communications
Soil organic carbon sustaining maize yields in China; MODSIM 2021
Soil properties resulting in superior maize yields upon climate warming; Agronomy for Sustainable Development
Soybean crops penalize subsequent wheat yield during drought in the North China Plain; Frontiers in Plant Science
Sustainable intensification with irrigation raises farm profit despite climate emergency; Plants, People, Planet
Sustainable intensification with irrigation raises farm profit despite climate emergency; Second COBE HDR Annual Conference
The state of the art in modeling waterlogging impacts on plants: what do we know and what do we need to know; Earth's Future
Whole farm planning raises profit despite burgeoning climate crisis; Celebrating the Impact of Regional Research and Education Conference
Whole farm planning raises profit despite burgeoning climate crisis; Scientific Reports

Research Projects

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