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Researcher: Farrelly, NS (Professor Nicholas Farrelly)

Fields of Research

Government and politics of Asia and the Pacific
Sociological methodology and research methods
International relations
Socio-economic development
Public policy
International economics
Sociology of culture

Research Objectives

International political economy (excl. international trade)
Expanding knowledge in human society
Political systems
Defence and security policy
Trade policy
Other culture and society
Government and politics

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A reality check after Thailand’s king Bhumibol; The RUSI Journal
Anomalous spaces; Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar
Being Thai: a narrow identity in a wide world; Southeast Asian Affairs
Beyond electoral authoritarianism in transitional Myanmar; European Journal of East Asian Studies
Britain and Myannar: friends again
Ceasing ceasefire? Kachin politics beyond the stalemates; Myanmar's Transition: Openings, Obstacles and Opportunities
Compromise essential to resolve a conundrum; East Asia Forum Quarterly
Cooperation, contestation, conflict: ethnic political interests in Myanmar today; South East Asia Research
Counting Thailand’s coups
Coups, military consolidation and redemocratisation in South-East Asia and the Pacific; Australian Journal of International Affairs
Discipline without democracy: military dominance in post-colonial Burma1; Australian Journal of International Affairs
Disciplining democracy: Explaining the rhythms of Myanmar’s first Hluttaw, 2011-2016; Public Policy in the 'Asian Century': Concepts, Cases and Futures
Do you ‘like’ the Tatmadaw?
Eastern Burma: long wars without exhaustion; Diminishing Conflicts in Asia and the Pacific: Why some subside and others don’t
Elections and political reform: new hopes, old fears; Myanmar : Politics, Economy and Society
Electoral sovereignty in Myanmar’s borderlands; Myanmar's Mountain and Maritime Borderscapes - Local Practices, Boundary-Making and Figured Worlds
Explaining Naypyitaw under the National League for Democracy; Myanmar Transformed?: People, Places and Politics
Exploitation and escape: journeys across the Burma-Thailand frontier; Labour Migration and Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia: Critical Perspectives
From the guest editors; European Journal of East Asian Studies
From village scouts to cyber scouts
Going its own way: regime change, Myanmar-style
Inside Myanmar’s turbulent transformation; Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies
Internationalizing Minimal English: Perils and Parallels; Minimal English for a Global World: Improved Communication Using Fewer Words
Interpreting 10 Years of violence in Thailand’s deep South; Security Challenges
Interrogating contemporary Myanmar: the difficult transition; Myanmar : Politics, Economy and Society
Introducing the insurgent intellectual; Myanmar's Transition: Openings, Obstacles and Opportunities
Introduction: explaining Myanmar's tentative renaissance; European Journal of East Asian Studies
Introduction: Special Issue: Myanmar's Democratization: Comparative and South East Asian Perspectives; South East Asia Research
Lessons from Bangkok's political woes; East Asia Forum Quarterly
Live coverage of Malaysia’s election
Muddy Boots and Smart Suits: Practical Considerations for Research in the Twenty-first Century; Muddy Boots and Smart Suits: Researching Asia-Pacific Affairs
Muslim political activity in transitional Myanmar; Islam and the State in Myanmar: Muslim-Buddhist Relations and the Politics of Belonging
Mutinies, coups and military interventionism: Papua New Guinea and South-East Asia in comparison; Australian Journal of International Affairs
Myanmar futures; Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar
Myanmar's conflicted politics; Conflict in Myanmar: War, Politics, Religion
Myanmar: Religion, Identity, and Conflict in a Democratic Transition; Peacebuilding in Deeply Divided Societies: Toward Social Cohesion?
Myanmar’s middle-class bulge
Nodes of Control in a South(east) Asian borderland; Borderland Lives in Northern South Asia: Non-State Perspectives
Northern Thailand specter of eviction; Critical Asian Studies
Notes on the future of Southeast Asian studies; Southeast Asian Affairs
On the edge in Asia; East Asia Forum Quarterly
Organized crime “Control” in Asia: experiences from India, China, and the Golden Triangle; The Oxford Handbook of Organized Crime
Peri-conflict peace: brokerage, development and illiberal ceasefires in Myanmar’s borderlands; Conflict, Security & Development
Practical and auspicious: Thai handbook knowledge for agriculture and the environment; Asian Studies Review
Reflections on Political Cultures in Thought and Action; Muddy Boots and Smart Suits: Researching Asia-Pacific Affairs
Securing a new frontier in mainland Southeast Asia; Insurgent Intellectual: Essays in Honour of Professor Desmond Ball
Soldiers of political fortune; East Asia Forum Quarterly
Spatial control and symbolic politics at the intersection of China, India and Burma
Tai community and Thai border subversions; Tai Lands and Thailand: Community and the State in Southeast Asia
Thailand history; The Far East and Australasia 2016
Thailand in 2010: when the royal rumble turned blood red
Thailand in 2013: haunted by the history of a perilous tomorrow; Southeast Asian Affairs 2014
Thailand: Thaksin survives yet disquiet floods the kingdom; Southeast Asian Affairs
Thailand’s triple threat
The ASEAN-10: Thailand; Regional Outlook: Southeast Asia 2012-2013
The capital; Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar
The meaning of Myanmar's 2015 election - Summary paper
The NLD’s iron-fisted gerontocracy
The Rohingya crisis and questions of accountability; Australian Journal of International Affairs
The Rohingya crisis: nationalism and its discontents; Myanmar: Politics, Economy and Society
Thoughts on the future of Myanmar's transition; The Trust-building Process and Korean Unification
Transnational flows of military talent: the contrasting experiences of Burma and Thailand since the 1940s; Transnational Soldiers: Foreign Military Enlistment in the Modern Era
Treating Myanmar as a ‘normal’ country; Human Rights Defender
War, law, politics: reflections on violence and the Kachin; Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar
What happens when the Thai king’s gone?
Whither China's Myanmar stranglehold?; ISEAS Perspective - Selections 2012-2013
Why democracy struggles: Thailand's elite coup culture1; Australian Journal of International Affairs
‘AK47/M16 Rifle – Rs. 15,000 each’: what price peace on the Indo-Burmese frontier?; Contemporary South Asia

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