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Researcher: Wiltshire, MH (Dr Marian Wiltshire)

Fields of Research

Fish pests and diseases
Tree improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
Plant developmental and reproductive biology
Forestry product quality assessment
Plant and fungus systematics and taxonomy

Research Objectives

Hardwood plantations
Native forests
Environmentally sustainable plant production
Harvesting and transport of forest products
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Eucalyptus globulus: A model species for eucalypt genetic research; Forests in the Balance: Linking Tradition and Technology¿, XX11 IUFRO World Congress
A Genetic basis to the destruction of Eucalyptus globulus seed by wasps from the genus Megastigmus; Eucalyptus in a Changing World
Advances in reproductive biology and seed production systems of Eucalyptus: The case of Eucalyptus globulus; Southern Forests
Genetic control of reproductive traits in Eucalyptus globulus
Self-incompatibility in Eucalyptus globulus; 19th Genetics Congress
Sources of variation in self-incompatibility in the Australian forest tree, Eucalyptus globulus; Annals of Botany
Stability of Outcrossing Rates in Eucalyptus globulus Seedlots; Silvae Genetica
The genetic control of sexual reproduction in Eucalyptus globulus; Eucalyptus in a Changing World
The origin of Eucalyptus vernicosa, a unique shrub eucalypt; Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
The relative contribution of the male and female to the variation in reproductive success in Eucalyptus globulus; Silvae Genetica

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision