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Researcher: Pittaway, SM (Dr Sharon Pittaway)

Fields of Research

Higher education
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Specialist studies in education
Other education
Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
Educational technology and computing
Primary education
English and literacy curriculum and pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)

Research Objectives

Other education and training
Teacher and instructor development
Teaching and curriculum
Learner and learning
Management, resources and leadership
Other culture and society
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Teaching and instruction technologies

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

"Initially, we were just names on a computer screen": Designing engagement in online teacher education; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
A Framework of Conditions Supporting Early Career Teacher Resilience and Creativity; What is Next in Educational Research?
An historical exploration of creativity research; The Future of Educational Research
Changing lives, changing selves: Negotiation the world of online teacher education; 2nd International Conference on Academic Identities
Contextualising student engagement: Orientation and beyond in teacher education; Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference
Dimensions of engagement in teacher education: From theory to practice; 2013 Australian Teacher Education Association Conference
Discomforting the research spirit: Uncomfortable narratives of being and becoming a researcher; AARE
EDGE student experience catalyst project - Education: Evaluation report
Enhancing the quality of written feedback to (distance) students; Teaching Matters 2008
Enhancing written feedback: Partnering with students to find out what type of feedback they like best; Teaching Matters 2009
Legitimate Voices: Teen Mothers
Legitimate voices: Teen mothers and education; 9th Australian Institute of Family Stsudies Conference
Marconi's Legacy: Learning Through Radio in Digital Classrooms; Technology and Teaching
On the radio: Intergrating technology as a means of inquiry; NZARE: New Zealand Association for Research in Education National Conference
Providing students with written feedback on their assessment: A collaborative self-study exploring the nexus of research and practice; Studying Teacher Education
Starting again: Narratives of academic identity in online teaching; 2nd International Conference on Academic Identities
Student and staff engagement: developing an engagement framework in a Faculty of Education; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Student engagement in and through orientation; The student engagement handbook: Practice in higher education
Student identity construction in online teacher education: A narrative life history approach; International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education
Students' perceptions of written feedback in teacher education: ideally feedback is a continuing two-way communication that encourages progress; Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education: An International Journal
The application of a student engagement framework to the teaching of music education in an e-learning context in one Australian University; 4th Paris International Conference on Education, Economy and Society
The first year experience: Transition and integration into teacher education; AARE

Research Projects

University Advisor Collaboration and the Values in Action Schools Project (VASP) 2009
Values Education Good Practice Schools Project
Values education good practice schools project (stage 2)

Research Candidate Supervision

'So are we all clear on that?'How Does the Communication between Teachers, Students and Parents Impact on Student Success?
Coming Home- University Exchange Students' Narratives of Cultural Re-entry
Creativity, Resilience and Pre-service Teacher Education- Perceptions and Practice
Curriculum Reform in an Australian Medical School- A Narrated Journey
Ethnography of a school play
Identity Spaces- Narratives of Being and Becoming a Teacher
Individualised pathway planning framework in Tasmanian Schools
Shaping Lives - Shared Stories of the Transformative Power of the Teaching and Learning Experience
Taking Chances, Making Changes- Mature-Age Students' experience of Commencing Teacher Training at the Cradle Coast Campus
Teacher Disposition and Practice- Reflection, Awareness and Understanding
The Impact of Increasingly Sophisticated Technology on the Engagement of E-Learners Within Teacher Education- Empowering Tomorrow's Learning Facilitators
The value of LOTE in schools- is second language learning truly beneficial for our students?
Young, Female and Looking to the Future- Exploring the Aspirations of Adolescent Girls in Regional Tasmania