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Researcher: Miller, CB (Dr Clare Miller)

Fields of Research

Inorganic geochemistry
Natural resource management
Climate change processes
Surface water hydrology
Organic geochemistry
Data structures and algorithms
Environmental assessment and monitoring
Pollution and contamination
Resource geoscience
Exploration geochemistry
Modelling and simulation
Environmental management
Mineralogy and crystallography
Stochastic analysis and modelling

Research Objectives

Rehabilitation or conservation of terrestrial environments
Environmentally sustainable mineral resource activities
Environmental education and awareness
Other environmental management
Evaluation, allocation, and impacts of land use
Management of solid waste from mineral resource activities
Effects of climate change on Australia (excl. social impacts)
Copper ore exploration
Precious (noble) metal ore exploration
Mining and extraction of copper ores
Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

An Enduring Problem: A multidisciplinary approach to characterise acid and metalliferous drainage at Endurance Mine, NE Tasmania; Geological Society of Australia Earth Science Student Symposium 2020
CODES Environmental Geology: Research Overview
Geochemical baselines and metal(loid) mobility in a changing northern climate, Courageous-Mackay Lake Greenstone Belt, Slave Geological Province, NWT
Influence of late-Holocene climate change on the solid-phase speciation and long-term stability of arsenic in sub-Arctic lake sediments; Science of The Total Environment
Lake-specific controls on the long-term stability of mining-related, legacy arsenic contamination and geochemical baselines in a changing northern environment, Tundra Mine, Northwest Territories, Canada; Applied Geochemistry
Mining Industry Knowledge Hub: Scoping Report
The development of a national water quality database to assess shifting baselines in a changing climate; SETAC Europe 30th Annual Meeting
The development of a national water quality database to assess shifting baselines in a changing climate; Goldschmidt 2020
Tracking water quality in a changing climate; SETAC North America 40th Annual Meeting

Research Projects

Geochemical analysis of Ruby Lagoon and Blue Lake sediments at Endurance tailings site, north east Tasmania
Geophysical investigation of historic Aberfoyle tailings site, northeast Tasmania
Hydrogeological studies of acid mine drainage at Blue Lake, Endurance Mine, north east Tasmania
Investigating passive remediation of copper and acid mine drainage using local native plant species, Western Tasmania

Research Candidate Supervision