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Researcher: Robinson, C (Dr Catherine Robinson)

Fields of Research

Urban sociology and community studies
Social geography
Health and community services
Sociological methodology and research methods
Inclusive education

Research Objectives

Homelessness and housing services
Expanding knowledge in human society
Women's and maternal health
Disease distribution and transmission (incl. surveillance and response)
Provision of health and support services
Equity and access to education
Youth services

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

#Stayhome? The impact of COVID-19 on unaccompanied homeless children in Tasmania
#Stayhome? The impact of COVID-19 on unaccompanied homeless children in Tasmania
'Felt homelessnessí: the Contribution of Qualitative Approaches to Homelessness Research; Qualitative Housing Analysis: An International Perspective
'Filthy Rich and Homeless', Series Consultant and On-Screen Co-Host
'Filthy Rich and Homeless', Series Consultant and On-Screen Co-Host
'Filthy Rich and Homeless', Series Consultant and On-Screen Co-Host
'I Think home is more than a building': young home(less) people on the cusp of home, self and something else; Urban Policy and Research: An Australian and New Zealand Guide to Urban Affairs
'Pillar to Post' - Listening to Violence and Homelessness; Parity
'The kids are coming': just access to care for unaccompanied homeless children in Tasmania; Parity
Accommodation in Crisis: Forgotten Women in Western Sydney
Being somewhere; Space and Culture: The Journal
Beside One's Self: Homelessness Felt and Lived; Syracuse University Press
Better, Bigger, Stronger: Responding to the Mental Health Care Needs of Unaccompanied Homeless Children in Tasmania
Breastfeeding Shame and the Birth of the Mother; The Mother - Blame Game
Comment: why 'Filthy Rich & Homeless' enables the homeless to tell their own stories
Creating space, creating self: street-frequenting youth in the city and suburbs; Journal of Youth Studies
Giving voice, or taking it away?: the therapeutic limits of research; Parity
Grieving home; Social and Cultural Geography
Highly vulnerable teens: a social justice imperative; Journal of Applied Youth Studies
Home: a new normal; Parity
Homelessness felt; Cultural Studies Review
Homelessness in Australia: an Introduction; Council to Homeless Persons
Homelessness: the real housing crisis gripping Australia
I've got 33 years of my life to work through!' - understanding iterative homelessness: the case of people with mental disorders; Parity
Introduction: end of innocence - Tasmania's search for home; Parity
Long-term homelessness, long-term trauma; Parity
Maternal geographies; Emotion, Space and Society
Maternal Geographies; Emotion, Space and Society
Misshapen motherhood: placing breastfeeding distress; Emotion, Space and Society
Outside in: how the youth sector supports the school re-engagement of vulnerable children in Tasmania
Persistent homelessness - persistent trauma; Parity
Reforming the Engagement of Schools with Unaccompanied Homeless Children; Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Education
Responding to homelessness in Tasmania; Parity
Rough Living Surviving Violence & Homelessness
SARC's Social Action Series #1: a public health approach to ending unaccompanied child homelessness in Tasmania
Sensing the other: the catch of the surrendering self; Qualitative Research Journal
Single homeless women in Western Sydney: a double invisibility; Parity
Stayhome?: The impact of Covid-19 on unaccompanied homeless children in Tasmania; Parity
Talking Point: highly vulnerable teens in Tasmania are an issue beyond politics
Talking Point: unsettling truth of Tasmanian child homelessness
Too hard? Highly vulnerable teens in Tasmania
Trauma: a Cause and Consequence of Homelessness; Homelessness in Australia: an Introduction
Unaccompanied teens, trauma and homelessness: who cares?; Parity
Understanding iterative homelessness: the case of people with mental disorders
Who cares? Supported accommodation for unaccompanied children

Research Projects

Waithood: The experience of being on the social housing waiting list

Research Candidate Supervision