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Researcher: Clarke, AK (Mr Arthur Clarke)

Fields of Research

Invertebrate biology
Animal systematics and taxonomy
Conservation and biodiversity
Terrestrial ecology
Australian history
Animal physiology - systems
Environmental assessment and monitoring

Research Objectives

Other environmental management
Terrestrial biodiversity
Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems
Assessment and management of Antarctic and Southern Ocean ecosystems
Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Iron ore exploration

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Fast' Karst - an introduction to Tasmanian cave tourism in the years 1840-1950; 25th Biennial Conference of the Australian Speleological Federation
A new eyeless species of cave-dwelling trechine beetle from northeastern Guizhou Province, China (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae); Cave and Karst Science
A new species of troglobitic freshwater prawn of the genus Macrobrachium from southern China (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae); Raffles Bulletin of Zoology
An overview of cave areas and the invertebrate cave fauna in Tasmania; 25th Biennia Conference of the Australian Speleological Federation
Cavernicole diversity and ecology in Tasmania
Chetoneura shennonggongensis, a new species of cave-dwelling Keroplatini from China (Diptera : Keroplatidae), with a discussion of the position of Chetoneura; Zootaxa
Discovery of a new Aphaenopsoid Trechine Beetle (Coleoptera, Trechinae) in Northeastern Jiangxi, East China; Elytra
Records of the Tasmanian cava fauna known or purported to be in the South Australian Museum; Helictite
Rythmic regulation of bioluminescence in glow-worm, Arachnocampa; Bioluminescence in Focus - A Collection of Illuminating Essays
Same temporal niche, opposite rhythmicity: Two closely related bioluminescent insects with opposite bioluminesce propensity rhythms; Chronobiology International
Synchronized circadian bioluminescence in cave-dwelling Arachnocampa tasmaniensis (glowworms); Journal of Biological Rhythms
The impact of cave lighting on the bioluminescent display of the Tasmanian glow-worm Arachnocampa tasmaniensis; Journal of Insect Conservation
The Tsingy de Bemaraha Pinnacle Karst of Western Madagascar; 25 Biennial Conference of the Australian Speleological Federation
White Knuckles in the Underworld: the Wild Days of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club; ACKMA Journal (Australasian Cave & Karst Management Association)

Research Projects

Preparation of Guidelines for the Management of Karst and Cave Biodiversity in Guangxi, China
Review of past, current and future investigations on Troglofauna

Research Candidate Supervision