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Researcher: Stanford, SN (Dr Sonya Stanford)

Research Fields

Counselling, Welfare and Community Services
Social Work
Mental Health
Clinical Social Work Practice
Sociology of Education
Urban Sociology and Community Studies
Health Policy
Communication Technology and Digital Media Studies
Police Administration, Procedures and Practice
Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum and Pedagogy (excl. Economics, Business and Management)
Social Program Evaluation
Social Change
Social Theory

Research Impact

Community Service (excl. Work)
Mental Health Services
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Mental Health
Allied Health Therapies (excl. Mental Health Services)
Child Health
The Media
Children's/Youth Services and Childcare
Criminal Justice
Women's Health
Syllabus and Curriculum Development
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Development and Welfare
Health Policy Evaluation
Behaviour and Health
Gender and Sexualities
Workforce Transition and Employment
Ageing and Older People
Employment Services
Families and Family Services

Career Best Publications

'Speaking Back' to Fear: Responding to the Moral Dilemmas of Risk in Social Work Practice; British Journal of Social Work

Research Publications

'Speaking Back' to Fear: Responding to the Moral Dilemmas of Risk in Social Work Practice; British Journal of Social Work
A no-win situation? Public forum on risks in mental health practice
A Reflective Approach to Risk in Everyday Mental Health Practice; Mental Health Social Work and Risk: Messages from Research
Australian Social Work Education; International Social Work Eduction
Beyond social media panics and mental health risk for young people; Beyond the Risk Paradigm in Mental Health
Change, care, contexts & power: A conceptual framework for teaching in Social Work; XXXX
Clinical Review of Practice
Conclusion: Remoralizing Risk in Mental Health Policy and Practice; Beyond the Risk Paradigm in Mental Health Policy and Practice
Constructing moral responses to risk: a framework for hopeful social work practice; British Journal of Social Work
Critically Reflecting on being 'at Risk' and 'a Risk' in Vulnerable People Policing; Policing Vulnerability
May contain traces of…
Mental Health Social Work: Perspectives on Risk, Regulation, and Therapeutic Interventions; Australian Social Work
Moving beyond neoliberal rationalities of risk in mental health policy and practice; Beyond the Risk Paradigm in Mental Health Policy and Practice
Parenthood covered in Tassie forum
Public forum in Launceston examines risks in mental health practice
Reading an Ethics of Risk in Social Work; XXXX
Resolving the Moral Dilemmas of Risk in Social Work Practice; 20th Asia Pacifif Social Work Conference
Risk Identities in Mental Health Practice: Practioner and Consumer Perspectives; Beyond the Risk Paradigm: Restoring the Client's Pace in Human Service Intervention
Submission to the Parliament of Tasmania Select Committee on Child Protection
Taking a stand or playing it safe: revisiting the moral conservatism of risk in social work practice; European Journal of Social Work
Teaching to Do or Teaching to Be in Social Work; Social Work: From Scientism to Sophism - the Ethics of Evidence and the Evidence of Ethics
The Historical Context of the Risk Paradigm in Mental Health Policy and Practice: How Did we Get Here?; Beyond the Risk Paradigm in Mental Health Policy and Practice
The Moral Discourse of Risk in Social Work; Risky Business
The Operations of Risk: The Meaning, Emotion & Morality of Risk Identities in Social Work Practice
Tree of Hope - 5 Years On
Tree of Hope: 5 Years on - Exhibition
Trust and the Dilemmas of Suicide Risk Assessment in Nongovernment Mental Health Services; Australian Social Work
Welfare Dependence or Enforced Deprivation? A Critical Examination of White Neoliberal Welfare and Risk; Australian Social Work
Women's Experiences of the Diagnosis of Post-natal Depression
Working for Change: The Role and Practice of Social Work at the LGH

Research Projects

2009 R1 - 20th Asia Pacific Soical Work Conference 2009; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
2012: Beyond the risk paradigm: restoring the client's place in human service intervention - Italy (3 June to 4 June 2013); University of Tasmania (UTAS)
AHURI Top-Up Scholarship (Proudfoot, F); Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)
Reducing Vulnerability to Suicide; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Social Inclusion and 'Recovery' from Severe Mental Health Problems: The Consumer Experience; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Clinical Review of Practice

Research Candidate Supervision

A Relational Encounter- The lived experience of direct social work practice with people of refugee background
Articulation of Practice Framework's
Constructing a Model of Resilience in Relation to Chronic Illness for Social Work Practice
Experiences of Whiteness Amongst Australian University Students- The Development of a Model of the Recognition Space
The Impact of Risk Focussed Child Protection Policy and Practice Upon Children's Wellbeing
Young People and Protective Behaviours in a Digital World