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Researcher: Henderson, SJ (Dr Susan Henderson)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Art history, theory and criticism

Research Objectives

The creative arts

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Apron slab', Get Staffed! Exhibition
'Bottom of Gabriel Butress: Cataract Gorge', Brink, the Poimena Art Award 2009 Exhibition
'Constructing vertical visions: Cataract Gorge - a visual exploration of space, place and perception', PhD thesis, University of Tasmania
'Fatman Chimney', Connections Art Exhibition
'Hills' Edge' Exhibition
'Rising Damp' and 'The spaces in between' Exhibition
'Rising Damp', Sosueme Exhibition
'Rock on Escape Route: Cataract Gorge', 2008 Tasmanian Art Award Exhibition
'Space Antics' Exhibition
Across the line
Artist and the Collection: Re-Imagined
Artist's panoramas find new life on theatre stage
Bring us your doors
Cataract Gorge Lichen Repeat
Cataract Gorge: Vertical Visions
Geocritical:don't just agitate- decorate
Henderson caves into earthy lure of Gorge
Henderson caves into earthy lure of Gorge
Landscaping wallpaper
Lichen 1, Lichen 2
Lichen half drop repeats and window installation
Lichenography: imagining landscapes from the river's edge, part of InTEERS Exhibition
Looking for the heart, 2015
Making a Mark
Moods of the Cataract Gorge
Paper Planes
Papering the Landscape: re-visioning Cataract Gorge
Papering Topographies
Plato’s cave at the Earl
Rock climber has novel outlook on art
Stage design ' The Country, Martin Crimp'
Vertical realities / vertikala verkligheter
Vertical realities/ Vertikala verkligheter
Vertical Realities: Formation, Triptych
Vertical Views and Precarious Positions
Wallpapered topographies
Ways to shape familiar ground
Ways to shape familiar ground
Weeding keeps her head in the clouds

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

Botanical Imperialism- How Botanical Exploration and Trade have Contributed to the Cultivated Landscape as Carpet.
Paraedolia- Artistic Reality or Cognitive Madness?
The Vessel and its Translation into Virtual Space
What Is Within the Moment of Hesitation?