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Researcher: Manik, S (Mr S M Nuruzzaman Manik)

Fields of Research

Agrochemicals and biocides (incl. application)
Agro-ecosystem function and prediction
Sustainable agricultural development

Research Objectives


Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Genetic factors increasing barley grain yields under soil waterlogging; Food and Energy Security
Genome-wide association study reveals a genomic region on 5AL for salinity tolerance in wheat; Theoretical and Applied Genetics
Genome-wide association study reveals marker trait associations (MTA) for waterlogging-triggered adventitious roots and aerenchyma formation in barley; International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Impacts of barley root cortical aerenchyma on growth, physiology, yield components, and grain quality under field waterlogging conditions; Field Crops Research: An International Journal
Improving performance of salt-grown crops by exogenous application of plant growth regulators; Biomolecules
Multidimensional screening and evaluation of morpho-physiological indices for salinity stress tolerance in wheat; Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science
Soil and crop management practices to minimize the impact of waterlogging on crop productivity; Frontiers in Plant Science

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