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Researcher: Banks, MA (Dr Marcus Banks)

Fields of Research

Poverty, inclusivity and wellbeing
Workforce planning
Social policy
Financial economics
Welfare economics
Consumer behaviour
Women's studies (incl. girls' studies)
Investment and risk management
Public economics - taxation and revenue
Marketing technology

Research Objectives

Public services policy advice and analysis
Finance services
Regional planning
Preference, behaviour and welfare
Social class and inequalities
Employment patterns and change
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design
Microeconomic effects of taxation

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'In a perfect world it would be great if they didn't exist': how Australians experience payday loans; International Journal of Social Welfare
Bad timing: the temporal dimensions of economic insecurity; Critical Sociology
Caught short: exploring the role of small, short-term loans in the lives of Australians
Community worker perceptions of the income management regime in Shepparton; Australian Journal of Social Issues
Everyone counts: Uncovering patterns of Newstart Allowance
From me to us: strengthening our financial capabilities; Economic Papers
Hard times: Australian households and financial insecurity
How positive service experiences contribute to service captivity; Journal of Services Marketing
Insuring in insecure times; Australian Social Policy Conference
Into the mainstream: the Australian payday loans industry on the move; JASSA: The Journal of the Securities Institute of Australia
Investigating the impacts of disaster events in regions: an Australian study
Investigating the Impacts of Disaster Events in Regions: An Australian Study, Regions, Work and Vulnerability, Regional Supply Chains/Networks and Natural Disasters, Report 1
Juggling risks: insurance in households struggling with financial insecurity
Lending to family & friends: an invisible phenomena
Measuring the regional effects of disaster events
Next steps: methodological toolboxes
On Neoliberalism and Welfare: Payday Lending and Commodifying Social Provisioning; Narratives of Globalization: Reflections on the Global Condition
One side of the workfare desk: A history of the Jobs, Education and Training Program in the political economy of Australian ‘welfare reform’ (1989-2006)
Producing Workfare; The Journal of Australian Political Economy
RMIT University Briefing Paper: Asset protection for low-income Australians: a review of the literature
The role of human emotion in decisions about credit: policy and practice considerations; Critical Policy Studies
The utility of new data in understanding housing insecurity; AHURI Final Report Series
Trends in the Australian small loan market
Understanding and measuring regional economies: challenges and possibilities
Understanding financial wellbeing in times of insecurity
Women and money in Australia: across the generations

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision