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Researcher: Nguyen Tran, MP (Mr Minh Thuan Nguyen Tran)

Fields of Research

Vision science
Cell development, proliferation and death
Gene and molecular therapy
Genome structure and regulation

Research Objectives

Clinical health
Treatment of human diseases and conditions

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Approaches for the sensitive detection of rare base and prime editing events; Methods
Comparison of CRISPR/Cas endonucleases for in vivo retinal gene editing; Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience
CRISPR/Cas-Mediated Knock-in of genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors into the AAVS1 locus of human-induced pluripotent stem cells; Methods in Molecular Biology
Engineering domain-inlaid SaCas9 adenine base editors with reduced RNA off-targets and increased on-target DNA editing; Nature Communications
Screening of CRISPR/Cas base editors to target the AMD high-risk Y402H complement factor H variant; Molecular Vision

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision