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Researcher: Fabian, M (Dr Mark Fabian)

Fields of Research

Social psychology
Welfare economics
Political theory and political philosophy
Social change
Behavioural economics
Economic development policy
Workplace wellbeing and quality of working life
Applied economics
Philosophical psychology (incl. moral psychology and philosophy of action)
Poverty, inclusivity and wellbeing
Microeconomic theory
Gender relations
Public health
History and philosophy of the social sciences
Social policy

Research Objectives

Health status (incl. wellbeing)
Expanding knowledge in economics
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Public services policy advice and analysis
Market-based mechanisms
Expanding knowledge in human society
Human capital issues
Health policy evaluation
Preference, behaviour and welfare
Measurement standards and calibration services
Structure, delivery and resourcing
Macro labour market issues
Other culture and society
Public sector productivity

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Philosophy for the Science of Well-Being
A psychological-enriched version of Tiberius’ value-fulfillment theory of wellbeing; Philosophical Psychology
A Theory of Subjective Wellbeing; Oxford University Press
A Theory of Subjective Wellbeing; Oxford University Press
Agentic preferences: a foundation for nudging when preferences are endogenous; Behavioural Public Policy
Be happy: navigating normative issues in behavioral and well-being public policy; Perspectives on Psychological Science
Democratising measurement: or why thick concepts call for coproduction; European Journal for Philosophy of Science
DevSim: a PowerPoint-based choose-your-own-adventure game for teaching economic development; Journal of Economics Teaching
Happiness and Economic Growth: Lessons from Developing Countries, by Clark, Andrew E. and Senik, Claudia
Happiness for All? Unequal Hopes and Lives in Pursuit of the American Dream, by Graham, Carol
How can the middle class flourish in the 21st century? Insights from the science of well-being
Hybrid Public Policy Innovations: Contemporary Policy Beyond Ideology; Routledge
Improving interdisciplinary research in wel-being - A review with further comments of Michael Bishop’s The Good Life: Unifying the Philosophy and Psychology of Well‑Being; Journal of Happiness Studies
Long work hours and job satisfaction: do overworkers get trapped in bad jobs?; Social Science Quarterly
Measuring Happiness, by Weimann, Joachim, Knabe, Andreas and Schöb, Ronnie
Racing from subjective well-being to public policy: a review of The Origins of Happiness; Journal of Happiness Studies
Respecting the subject in wellbeing public policy: beyond the social planner perspective; European Journal of Social Psychology
Scale norming undermines the use of life satisfaction scale data for welfare analysis; Journal of Happiness Studies
Stability of Happiness: Theories and Evidence on Whether Happiness Can Change
Subjective well-being during the 2020–21 global coronavirus pandemic: Evidence from high frequency time series data; PLOS One
The coalescence of being: a model of the self‑actualisation process; Journal of Happiness Studies
The ends and means of public policy; Hybrid Public Policy Innovations: Contemporary Policy Beyond Ideology
The Science of Wellbeing
Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life by Ashley Whillans
Towards a Shared Understanding and Articulation of a Common Population Outcomes Framework
Why Gender Matters in Economics, by Eswaran, Mukesh
Worldview defense and self-determination theory explain the return of racial voting: evidence from the 2016 US election; European Journal of Social Psychology

Research Projects

Towards a common wellbeing outcomes framework: creating a shared understanding of conceptual and practical issues

Research Candidate Supervision