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Researcher: Pascoe Leahy, C (Dr Carla Pascoe Leahy)

Fields of Research

Australian history
Feminist methodologies
Critical heritage, museum and archive studies

Research Objectives

Understanding Australia's past
Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A history of playspaces; How to Grow a Playspace: Development and Design
A ‘Discreet Dance’: technologies of menstrual management in Australian public toilets during the twentieth century; Women'S History Review
Australian Mothering: Historical and Sociological Perspectives; Palgrave Macmillan
Be home by dark: childhood freedoms and adult fears in 1950s Victoria; Australian Historical Studies
Children, childhood and cultural heritage: mapping the field; Children, Childhood and Cultural Heritage
City as space, city as place: sources and the urban historian; History Australia
Contextualising Australian mothering and motherhood; Australian Mothering: Historical and Sociological Perspectives
Defining Maternal Studies in Australia: the Birth of a Field; Australian Mothering Historical and Sociological Perspectives
From the little wife to the supermom? Maternographies of feminism and mothering in Australia since 1945; Feminist Studies
Hearing Children's Voices: Conceptual and Methodological Challenges; Palgrave Macmillan
Hearing children’s voices: conceptual and methodological challenges; Children’s Voices from the Past
Home is where mother is: ideals and realities in Australian family houses of the 1950s; Journal of Australian Studies
Maternal heritage: remembering mothering and motherhood through material culture; International Journal of Heritage Studies
Mothers-in-waiting: maternographies of pregnancy in Australia since 1945; Australian Mothering: Historical and Sociological Perspectives
Mum's the word: advice to Australian mothers since 1945; Journal of Family Studies
Playlore as cultural heritage : traditions and change in Australian children's play; Children, childhood and cultural heritage
Public histories and private struggles: the place of Janet McCalman’s Struggletown in Australian historiography; History Australia
Putting Away the Things of Childhood: Museum Representations of Children’s Cultural Heritage; Children, Childhood and Cultural Heritage
Selection and sampling methodologies in oral histories of mothering, parenting and family; Oral History
Silence and the history of menstruation; Oral History Association of Australia Journal
Spaces Imagined, Places Remembered: Childhood in 1950s Australia; Cambridge Scholars Publishing
The afterlife of interviews: explicit ethics and subtle ethics in sensitive or distressing qualitative research; Qualitative Research
The bleeding obvious: menstrual ideologies and technologies in Australia, 1940-1970; Lilith: A Feminist History Journal
The history of children in Australia: an interdisciplinary historiography; History Compass
The mother within: intergenerational influences upon Australian matrescence since 1945; Past and Present: A Journal of Historical Studies

Research Projects

Mothering in Crisis: Family, Disaster and Climate change
The experience of becoming a mother in Australia since 1945

Research Candidate Supervision