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Researcher: Mann, AM (Professor Alana Mann)

Fields of Research

Environmental communication
Communication studies
International and development communication
Human impacts of climate change and human adaptation

Research Objectives

Communication across languages and culture
Climate change models
Defence and security policy

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Alana Mann on Shaping Sustainable Food Systems through Agroecology and Gender Justice', Interview with Go Simone
'Changing food systems', Interview with Benjamin Law
'Come Grocery Shopping with Me', Podcast Series of Raising the Bar Sydney
'Food in a Changing Climate - an Australian perspective', Interview with Geoff Tansey
'Food in a Changing Climate', Interview with Laura Dalrymple
'Pandemic Farming Apples and Oranges', Interview with SBS Television
2050 target will have effect on food and water management
A City for All Who Eat: Foodscape Values for Liveable Cities; Urban and Regional Agriculture: Building Resilient Food Systems
Are You Local? Digital Inclusion in Participatory Foodscapes; Digital Food Cultures
Beyond the Hashtag: Social Media Ethnography in Food Activism; Research Methods in Digital Food Studies
Book Review - Methodological Pitfalls in Social Network Analysis: Why Current Methods Produce Questionable Results
Book Review - Moving Targets: Mapping the Paths between Communication, Technology and Social Change in Communities
Bursting the 'Brussels bubble': the movement towards transparency on European farm subsidies; Ethical Space
Churnalism; State of the News Print Medai in Australia 2008
Common Ground: Connections and Tensions Between Food Sovereignty Movements in Australia and Latin America; Mapping South-South Connections
Communicating the right to food sovereignty: the voice of the campesino in the global campaign for agrarian reform; Prism
Communication as resistance in food politics; Political Economy of Communication
Communication, organisation, and action: theory-building for social movements; Communication Research and Practice
COP26: put food on the stage; Slow Food International Climate Change
Crossroads of Care: Climate, Health and Justice
Developing a youth readership strategy for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun Herald: a study of the newspaper readership habits of university students in NSW
Education for food sovereignty as transformative ethical practice; Policy Futures in Education
El sistema alimentario global viene operando en modo posverdad desde hace decadas
Erasing lines and unsettling truths: Lola stayed too long
Expert commentary: food in a changing climate
Farm chats: food security
Farmers' apocalypse: the globalisation of food supply
Food & Words, Invited Speech; Food & Words 2016
Food democracy: why eating is unavoidably political
Food for thought: finding the balance in nutrition sustainability; NSA
Food in a Changing Climate; Emerald Publishing Limited
Food in a changing climate
Food in Changing Climate; Food Thinkers
Food politics: media and human rights; Media and Transnational Civil Society
Food Sovereignty and the Politics of Food Scarcity; Global Resource Scarcity: Catalyst for Conflict or Cooperation?
Food Sovereignty in a Post-Organic Era; Organics in the Global Food Chain
Food sovereignty: alternatives to failed food and hunger policies; Contemporanea
Food Sovereignty: Deep Histories, Digital Activism and Digital Media; Alternative Food Politics: From the Margins to the Mainstream
Framing Food Sovereignty: A Study of Social Movement Communication
Global Activism in Food Politics: Power Shift; Palgrave Macmillan
Growing food in the post-truth era
Hacking the Foodscape: Digital Communication in the Co-design of Sustainable and Inclusive Food Environment; The Local and the Digital in Environmental Communication
Hashtag Activism and the Right to Food in Australia; Digital Food Activism
Holding those responsible for hunger accountable
How do we grow and eat food in a net zero world?, interview with Michael Mackenzie
In the land of the 'fair go': global food policy lessons beyond the charity model; Local Environment
In-depth: how is veganism integral to climate change mitigation
Invited speech; Food and Words Writers' Festival
Is it time to design a new food paradigm?
Island of Ideas
Land grabbing: the new global power play
Lobbying the UN to advance peasant rights; Right to Food and Nutrition Watch
Locking the gate: citizens communicating with power in rural Australia; International Communication Association
No corn, no country: Mexican farmers opposing the North American free trade agreement; Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research
Power-shift: changing dynamics and scales of action in food politics; ANZCA 2012
Reckoning with food crimes: shifting the conversation from harms to violence
Reckoning with Food Violence
Right to Food Quarterly
Spaces for talk: information and communication technologies (ICTs) and genuine dialogue in an international advocacy movement; Asian Social Science
SYDNEY - Addressing the SDGs in cities through food business incubation: FoodLab Sydne; Food and Cities: The Role of Cities for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
Sydney ideas: the 2030 agenda: is Australia on track?; Panel discussion
The Empty Food Bowl: Discourse Disconnection of Australian Agriculture; Agriculture, Environment and Development: International Perspectives on Water, Land and Politics
The fair food movement: feeding Australia from the grassroots
The Politics of Place: Networking Resistance to Coal Seam Gas Mining; Climate Change and the Media
The Protection of Small-Scale Fisheries in Global Policymaking through Food Sovereignty; Sustaining Seas: Oceanic Space and the Politics of Care
USU enviro week: changing our food system from within
Voice and Participation in Global Food Politics; Routledge
War crimes in the age of social media
Who Speaks and Are We Listening? Food Sovereign Voices in a Changing Climate; The Political Relevance of Food Media and Journalism: Beyond Reviews and Recipes
Why food isn't free from politics
Working to reclaim and rebuild our food systems from the ground up

Research Projects

A comparison of the regional dynamics of large-scale land acquisitions or ‘land grabbing’ in Australia, South America and South East Asia
Everyday social media: Culture, design, inclusion, recognition
Food politics: From consumer to food citizen
FoodLab Sydney: Participatory social enterprise to address food insecurity
Growing food and density together: Sustainable place-making in the inner city
Participatory planning for our food future: The Sydney City Food Policy Project
Planning our food future: a study of the socio-cultural dimensions of food security for inner city residents of Sydney
Social Justice Clinic - Interdisciplinary learning in real-life settings
Sustainable Urban Food Project
The crisis of post-truth discourse
Voice and participation in food politics
What's so fair about fair food? Interrogating discourses of 'fairness' in the Australian Fair Food movement

Research Candidate Supervision