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Researcher: Cirkony, CL (Dr Connie Cirkony)

Fields of Research

Teacher education and professional development of educators
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogy
Educational administration, management and leadership
Environmental education curriculum and pedagogy
Sustainable agricultural development
Other education

Research Objectives

Policies and development
Schools and learning environments
Management, resources and leadership
Other education and training
Expanding knowledge in the agricultural, food and veterinary sciences
Inclusive education
Professional development and adult education
Workforce transition and employment
Teacher and instructor development
Secondary education

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Online learning boosts student engagement - study', Interview with Brett Henebery
A framework for understanding the quality of evidence use in education; Educational Research
A science teacher's lens on research: design and delivery of digital learning sequences using the language of science; Lab Talk
Australian educators' use of research in schools - 2pg summary
Beyond effective approaches: a rapid review response to designing professional learning; Professional Development in Education
Carabid beetles in commercial raspberry fields in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia and sampling protocol for Pterostichus melanarius-coleoptera: carabidae; Journal of the Entomological Society of British Columbia
Collaborative teaching: sharing best practice
Designing and delivering representation-focused science lessons in a digital learning environment; Educational technology research and development
Environmental learning: how BC teachers find and use resources; Eco-Thinking
Evidence-Informed Practice in Australian Education; The Emerald Handbook of Evidence-Informed Practice in Education
From 'finding time' to 'investing t me': the importance of time and leadership for cultivating cultures of quality research use; The Australian Educational Leader
From COVID-19 to classroom: making sense of research evidence-use
How and why Educators Use Research and Evidence: Insights from the Monash Q Project
How much do we really know about the use of research evidence in practice?; Research Intelligence
Improving quality use of research evidence in practice: Insights from cross-sector co-design
Insights from a cross-sector review on how to conceptualise the quality of use of research evidence; Humanities & Social Sciences Communications
It takes a community to nurture successful future educators; Eingana
Itís not just identifying quality evidence, it's quality use of it that makes the difference
Monash Q Project's Q Suite - Collaborative Use of Research
Monash Q Project's Q Suite - Making Time to Use Research Well
Monash Q Project's Q Suite - Using Research and Evidence
Monash Q Project's Q Suite - using research and evidence
Quality leadership, quality research use: the role of school leaders in improving the use of research; The Australian Educational Leader
Quality Use of Research Evidence Framework
Quality use of research: Considerations from Ireland and Australia for Irish leaders engaged in SSE; Leadership+
Quality use of research: considerations from Ireland and Australia for Irish leaders engaged in SSE; Leadership Plus
Reflections on conducting rapid reviews of educational research; Educational Research
Research and Evidence Use in Australian Schools - Q Survey Summary Report
Research and Evidence Use in Australian Schools. Q Project: Survey, analysis and key findings
Research and evidence use in Australian schools: early insights from educators
School educators' engagement with research: an Australian Rasch validation study; Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability
School educators' use of research: findings from two large scale Australian studies; Research Papers in Education
Students learning science: representation construction in a digital environment; Environmental Education Research
Supporting quality use of research evidence in schools and systems within the Asia Pacific; International Handbook on Education Development in Asia-Pacific
Teachers' trust in the evidence increases with experience: New study
Teaching using student-generated representations in science; Teaching Secondary Science: Theory and Practice
The 'infodemic' and the consequences of evidence misuse
The Use of Video-based Ethnography in an Inquiry-based Blended Science Classroom; Video-based Research in Education: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives
Towards quality use of evidence in education; The Australian Educational Leader
Towards quality use of research evidence
Towards quality use of research evidence
Trusting quality evidence in the post-pandemic world starts in our schools
Trusting quality evidence in the post-pandemic world starts in our schools
Using representations in the science classroom; Teaching secondary science: Theory and practice
Using research evidence well in education; Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties
Using research evidence to improve practice; Building Better Schools with Evidence-based Policy
Using Research Well in Australian Schools: Q Discussion Paper 02
Using research well in educational practice; Who Cares about Using Education Research in Policy and Practice
Using Research Well: a Framework for Understanding Quality Use of Research Evidence
Using systems perspectives to develop underlying principles for educational reform; Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Using the evidence: Q Project reveals different ways educators use research and evidence to inform practice
We have the evidence for what works in schools, but that doesnít mean everyone uses it
What, why, when and how: Australian educatorsí use of research and evidence in schools

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