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Researcher: Adamczewski, KA (Mrs Karen Adamczewski)

Fields of Research

Crop and pasture production
Soil chemistry and soil carbon sequestration (excl. carbon sequestration science)
Terrestrial ecology
Natural resource management

Research Objectives

Sown pastures (excl. lucerne)
Other animal production and animal primary products
Dairy cattle
Terrestrial biodiversity
Evaluation, allocation, and impacts of land use

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Calibrating plate meters to more accurately measure dryland pasture production and utilisation
Changes in the physiology of tall fescue during regrowth; XXI International Grasslands Congress
Effect of defoliation management on water-soluble carbohydrate energy reserves, dry matter yields, and herbage quality of tall fescue; Agronomy Journal
Effects of forest management practices on a localised Tasmanian endemic plant, the trailing riceflower Pimelea filiformis Hook.f. (Thymelaeaceae); Australian Forestry
Final report to DairyTas on Small Grant: Development of a nutrient budgeting framework at Elliott Research and Demonstration Station
Investigating options for grazing management of riparian zones by dairy farmers
Management plan for the riparian zone at Elliott Research and Demonstration Station
Riparian zone survey, Elliott Research and Demonstration Station, August - September 2002
The effect of defoliation interval on regrowth of tall fescue; Grassland Society of Southern Australia 46th Annual Conference
The effect of defoliation interval on regrowth of tall fescue; Proceedings of the XX International Grasslands Congress

Research Projects

Development of a Nutrient Budgeting Framework at Elliott Research and Development Station; DairyTas (DAIRYTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision