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Researcher: Ovenden, JR (Dr Jennifer Ovenden)

Fields of Research

Fish physiology and genetics

Research Objectives

Fisheries - wild caught
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Terrestrial biodiversity

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Assessing shark and ray populations using genetics; Hawaiian Institute for Marine Biology
Connectivity affected by physical barriers and sex-biased behaviours for the silvertip shark (Carcharhinus albimarginatus); Oceania Chondrichthyan Society Conference
Population connectivity of tropical sharks in the Indo-Pacific; IMAS-CSIRO Quantitative Marine Science Symposium
Reef shark connectivity: a case study using multiple genetic markers; Sharks International Conference
Reef shark movement in the Indo-Pacific; Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
Reef Sharks in the Indo-Pacific; University of Queensland
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms in chloroplast DNA from six species of eucalyptus; Australian Journal of Botany
Variability in multiple paternity rates for grey reef and scalloped hammerhead sharks; Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference

Research Projects

Assessment of restriction enzyme analysis mitochondrial DNA etc; Fishing Industry Research & Development Council (FIRDC)
Assessment of restriction enzyme analysis mitochondrial DNA for the identification of stocks of commercially importamt marine species and for the detect; Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC)
Evolutionary, population and molecular genetics of fishes of the family Galaxiidae; Australian Research Council (ARC)
MtDNA analyses of JASUS phyllosoma larvae; New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (NZMAF)
Population genetics of southern ocean colonial seabirds; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Population Genetics of Southern Ocean Colonial Seabirds; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Stock assessment of krill using mitochrondrial DNA sequence analysis; Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)
Stock assessment of krill, using mitochondrial DNA analysis; Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)
Use of organelle DNA to assess genetic diversity in eucalypts; Tasmanian Forest Research Council (TFRC)

Research Candidate Supervision