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Researcher: Missen, OP (Dr Owen Missen)

Fields of Research

Mineralogy and crystallography
Environmental biogeochemistry
Metal organic frameworks

Research Objectives

Other mineral resources (excl. energy resources)
Expanding knowledge in the chemical sciences
Environmentally sustainable mineral resource activities
Industrial chemicals and related products

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Caesium neodymium sulfate, CsNd(SO4)2; IUCrData
Crystal chemistry of zemannite-type structures: I. A re-examination of zemannite from Moctezuma, Mexico; European Journal of Mineralogy
Crystal chemistry of zemannite-type structures: II. Synthetic sodium zemannite; European Journal of Mineralogy
Crystal Chemistry of Zemannite-Type Structures: III. Keystoneite, the Ni2+-Analogue of Zemannite, and Ferrotellurite Discredited; The Canadian Mineralogist
Crystal structure and investigation of Bi2TeO6·nH2O (0≤n≤2∕3): natural and synthetic montanite; Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
Crystal structure and thermal behavior of Bi6 Te2 O15 : investigation of synthetic and natural pingguite; Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
Elucidating the natural-synthetic mismatch of Pb2+Te4+O3: The redefinition of fairbankite to Pb2+12(Te4+O3)11(SO4) ; American Mineralogist
Enantioselective chiral sorption of 1-phenylethanol by homochiral 1D coordination polymers; Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers
Love is in the Earth: A review of tellurium (bio)geochemistry in surface environments; Earth Science Reviews: The International Geological Journal Bridging The Gap Between Research Articles and Text Books
Matthiasweilite, PbTe4+O3, a New Tellurite Mineral from the Delamar Mine, Lincoln County, Nevada, USA; The Canadian Mineralogist
Natural nanoparticles of the critical element tellurium; Journal of Hazardous Materials Letters
Polytypism in mcalpineite: a study of natural and synthetic Cu3TeO6; Acta Crystallographica
Tellurium biogeochemical transformation and cycling in a metalliferous semi-arid environment; Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta
The crystal structure and redefinition of utahite; Mineralogy and Petrology
The crystal structure of cesbronite, Cu3 TeO4(OH)4: a novel sheet tellurate topology; Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science
The crystal structure of Ni-rich gordaite–thérèsemagnanite from Cap Garonne, France; Mineralogical Magazine
The crystal structure of the first synthetic copper(II) tellurite arsenate, CuIl115(TeIVO3)2(AsV O4)2; Acta Crystallographica. Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials
The Crystal Structures and Raman Spectra of Three New Hydrothermally Synthesized Copper–Zinc–Oxotellurates(IV); Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry
The crystal structures of the mixed-valence tellurium oxysalts tlapallite, (Ca,Pb)3CaCu6[Te34+Te6+O12]2(Te4++O3)2(SO4)2·3H2O, and carlfriesite, CaTe24+Te6+O8; Mineralogical Magazine
The crystal-structure determination and redefinition of eztlite, Pb2+2 Fe3+3(Te4+O3)3(SO4)O2Cl; Mineralogical Magazine
The discreditation of oboyerite and a note on the crystal structure of plumbotellurite; Mineralogical Magazine
The Family of M II 3 (TeIVO3)2 (OH)2 (M = Mg, Mn, Co, Ni) Compounds—Prone to Inclusion of Foreign Components into Large Hexagonal Channels; Crystals
The new mineral tomiolloite, Al12(Te4+ O3)5[(SO3)0.5(SO4)0.5](OH)24: A unique microporous tellurite structure; The American Mineralogist
The Order–Disorder (OD) Polytypism of [Cu2ZnTeO4]2+[SO4·H2O]2; Crystal Research and Technology
Wildcatite, CaFe3+Te6 +O5(OH), the second new tellurate mineral from the Detroit district, Juab County, Utah; The Canadian Mineralogist

Research Projects

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