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Researcher: Blakebrough, L (Associate Professor Les Blakebrough)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Interaction and experience design
Visual arts
Manufacturing engineering
Flexible manufacturing systems

Research Objectives

The creative arts
Ceramics, glass and industrial mineral products
Measurement standards and calibration services
Recreation and leisure activities (excl. sport and exercise)
Other construction
Clay products
Stone, ceramics and clay materials

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Delinquent Angels: Australian Historical, Aboriginal and Contemporary Ceramics
Contemporary Australian Craft
Fast Production in the Studio; Ceramics TECHNICAL
Finalist, Australian of the Year Awards
Flora Tasmanica
Forest Floor series
Jar, 1975
Large Covered Pot; Southern Ice; Tea Set
Les Blakebrough BMG Art
Les Blakebrough Ceramic Art
Les Blakebrough: Ceramics
Les Blakebrough: Ceramics
Les Blakebrough: Ceramics
Mapping Identity
Myer Foundation Invitation Ceramic Award
New Porcelain
Newcastle Ceramic Purchase Award
Porcelain Objects
recent porcelain by Australian ceramic artist Les Blakebourgh
Response to the Island
Smart works
Southern Ice
Southern Ice
Southern Ice Porcelain Clay, 2001
Surface Connections
Sydney Myer Fund: 1998 International Ceramics Award
The 25th Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award
The Great Australian Teapot
The New Porcelain
The New Porcelain
The New Porcelain: the work of Les Blakeborough

Research Projects

Commercial Development of a High Quality Australian Porcelain Clay; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Develop a liquid slip casting porcelain clay for use in small craft-based industry, plus colouring process using nitrates-chlorides; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Fast, Flexible, Production System for Ceramic Craft Based Industry; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Fellowship; Australia Council for the Arts (ACA)
Houston Residency; Arts Tasmania (AT)
Production system for ceramic craft based industry; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Production systems for small scale ceramic industries; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Slip-Trailing Large-Scale Porcelain Forms: A Radical Experimental Model Utilising the Principle of Foucault's Pendulum; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Testing a new concept in ceramic kiln design: the wrap around kiln of flexible capacity; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Est. of Southern Ice Porcelain/L Black Contract

Research Candidate Supervision