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Researcher: Herbert, DP (Dr David Herbert)

Fields of Research

Computing education
Knowledge representation and reasoning
Health informatics and information systems
Data management and data science
Machine learning
Distributed systems and algorithms
Information security management
Human information interaction and retrieval
Intelligent robotics

Research Objectives

Information systems, technologies and services
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Artificial intelligence
Application software packages

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A survey on blockchain-based internet service architecture: requirements, challenges, trends and future; IEEE Access
Blockchain: trends and future; 15th Pacific Rim Knowledge Acquisition Workshop (PKAW 2018)
Comparative analysis of intelligent personal agent performance; Knowledge Management and Acquisition for Intelligent Systems - 16th Pacific Rim Knowledge Acquisition Workshop
Continuous multimodal biometric authentication schemes: A systematic review; IEEE Access
Empirical analysis of strategies employed within an ICT curriculum to increase the quantity of graduates; 16th International Conference on Frontiers in Education
Five principles to integrate professional skill development within a curriculum to ensure industry-ready graduates; 2020 Australasian Conference on Information Systems
Integrating the development of professional skills throughout an ICT curriculum improves a graduate's competency; 16th International Conference on Frontiers in Education
Intelligent conversation system using multiple classification ripple down rules and conversational context; Expert Systems With Applications
Is the ATAR a Useful Predictor of Success in ICT? An Empirical Study; 20th Australasian Computing Education Conference
MCRDR knowledge-based 3D dialogue simulation in clinical training and assessment; Journal of Medical Systems

Research Projects

Seamless Integration of Knowledge Acquisition for Autonomous Systems by Domain Users with Prudence Capability ; Asian Office of Aerospace Research & Development (AORD)

Research Candidate Supervision