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Researcher: Scott, MG (Dr Mary Scott)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Performance art
Computer graphics
Visual cultures
Heritage, archive and museum studies
Visual arts
Software engineering
Other creative arts and writing

Research Objectives

The creative arts
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
Other information and communication services
Visual communication

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Home Body
Shadows on the Skin
The Collectible Eggbeater
A World in Things
Artists, Research and Institutions; ACUADS 2002 Conference: Old Skills, New Skills
Australian Paper Art Awards, 2001
Barbie Kjar
Beyond Perspectivalism: sensuality ans detachment in images of the female body; Sensation 2: images, bodies and trajectories
Black Powder
Blue Joke - Dangle, Plunge, Drift; Prink; Skirt; Trick - in Unsharp_unconscious
Book of Measure in Lookout
Breathing of the Terrestrial Machine
Deluge and After the Deluge
Domain Walks
Each drop, Every stitch, Carnival and Lent, Riding the Skimmington, Porca I, Porca II
Every Minute of Every Day
Fleshing 18
Fleshing 19
Folly, Hysterics, Enclosure
formed & unformed
Fremantle Print Award
Gathering Lies
Girl (self-portrait)
Good Girl
Half Light
I'll have nothing more to do with you; Portraiture and place
If only for an hour
Instructive Complication: Thinking and Making in a Research Culture; Visual Arts: Practice and Research
Integrated Thinking and Making in a Research Culture; 2011 ACUADS Conference
Jane Elizabeth
Journals: their role in creative teaching; Teaching Matters 2007
Keepers and Kind (solo exhibition)
Mary Scott, Good Girl
Mary Scott: Wilderness: Balnaves Contemporary Painting
Offline: An Exhibition of Soft Hardware
Pictures and words; Illuminating the exegesis
Rosamond: an exhibition of works by the recipients of the Rosamond McCulloch 4 month Studio Residencies, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris 1991-1998
Some Place
Surface and tactility: new approaches to picturing the female body
Surface and tactility: new approaches to picturing the female body; Latest editions
Surface and Tactility: New Approaches to Picturing the Female Body
The Keeping Room (solo exhibition)
Transgress, My first words, Skirt, Blue joke
White House: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green Rooms
‘The Seer’

Research Projects

Characterisation of formal digital mesostructures in computer generated images.; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Rising Star; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Supplementary Funding; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The application of traditional painting and printmaking layering techniques to digital printing technologies; Australian Research Council (ARC)
The application of traditional painting and printmaking layering techniques to digital printing technologies.; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Transience - a study through images of the illusory and fleeting nature of desire; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Large Format Digital Prints
Representations of the Natural World

Research Candidate Supervision

A Sensation of Place- An Investigation of Time and Space
A Shifting Facade- An Exploration of the Zone Between Actual and Illusionary Form
A visual investigation into the intimate relationship between humans and the natural environment
A Visual Investigation of the Relationship Between Micro and Macro Patterning Within the Natural Environment, in Large Scale Paintings and Drawings
An Investigation into Process and Gesture Drawing through Ideas of Presence in the Landscape
An investigation into the self-critical representational processes used in post-conceptual painting
An Investigation of Mult-Sensory Art That Facilitates The Inclusion of Blind And Low Vision Audiences
Animals, Art and Activism- An Investigation into Art as a Tool for Engaging an Ethical Consideration of Human-Animal Relationships
Autobiographical Narrative and the Fictional Self in Contemporary Visual Art
Between and Within- A Functional Investigation into Form and Sensuality
Beyond flesh- an investigation of the representations of the human body which exist beyond the boundaries of the 'normal'.
Changing Places, Creating Situations- A National and International Visual Investigation into Temporary Art in Public Places
Colour, Space and Environment- An Investigation of Repetition Through the Aestheticisation of Consumer Culture
Connecting forms and patterns in the Australian landscape and the internal patterns in the human body
Design Emergence- Beyond Modernist Orthodoxies in Colour/Form Painting
Drawing the Object - a Metaphor for, and Re-forming of, Memory
Enchanted World- a visual investigation into the space of seduction
Enfolding Bodies- A Visual Investigation which Refigures the Relationship between Maternity and Form
Fabricating the Aesthetics of Mass through the Machine Made Multiple
Food for Thought- a visual investigation of the nature-culture dichotomy as manifested in "farm" animals
Heaven's Above-Celestial Ceilings- A Contemporary Paragon of Apotheosis
Homegroan girls- a visual investigation into the bad girl stereotype within popular soft porn website culture
Hors d'oeuvres- Ornamental decoration and gender
Interiors from the Mind- Pictorial Illusionism within Painting
Intra-active Boundaries- An investigation into the dynamic interrelationship between the human body and the environment using painterly media.
Knowledge as Unbounded and Formless within the Sublime
Love and Longing, Death and Desire, and Feminine Place- A Contemporary Practice Informed by Victorianism and Colonial Tasmania
Painting a Visual Language that Interprets my Personal World
Pattern as a decorative device juxtaposed with artistic elements of an alternative aesthetic (Mixed Media)
Perception and Representation- The Visual Cortex and Landscape Art, An Investigation
Problems with Nature - Sculptural Installation and the Culture/Nature Paradox
Re-adjusting a visualization of feminity to take into account the androgynous state of mind beneath the surface of contempary life
Reinterpreting Pattern and Decoration in Contemporary Painting
Reinventing Rapport- An Investigation of the Mother-Daughter Dyad within Contemporary Figure Painting
Render me naked- the painted self and the spectator
Resplendent- An Investigation into the Synthesis of Body and Clothing as Sculptural Form
Silent Witnesses- Re-interpreting the Still Life Tradition
Suspension of Presence - An Exploration of the Interconnectedness of the Body, Space and Time
The Production and Consumption of the Sexually Explicit; A Painterly Exploration into the Pornification of Culture
The Re-Animated World- Creating a Visual Language in Paint for the Collision, Explosion and Convergence of Elemental Forces in Natural and Man-Made Environments
The space of the screen and contemporary ambivalence- an innovative analysis of contemporary painterly pictorial construction
Transformations of the Flesh; Rupturing Embodiment through Biological Technology
Vena Casa- The defloration of Maternity
Visions of Enchantment- Fictions of Intimacy within Contemporary Art
Visual Virtuosity - Contemporary Quadratura Painting- An Allegory of a Portrait